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vineyard vines Clothing for Men

vineyard vines produces a variety of apparel for men, including shirts, outerwear, bottoms, swimwear, and accessories. Several styles, colors, and patterns are available to suit a range of aesthetic tastes. The fits of the clothing range from standard to stretch to large sizes for men.

What types of shirts are available?

vineyard vines makes casual button-downs, dress shirts, t-shirts, pocket t-shirts, graphic tees, polos, shep shirts, and sweaters for men.

  • Casual button-down shirts are available in lots of different patterns and colors, including pastels, gingham, and patchwork. Some shirts are made with extra stretch to suit extra mobility through the arms and torso. Casual shirts are available in both long and short sleeve varieties.
  • Dress shirts are similar to casual button-downs but have different fabric types and patterns.
  • T-shirts, pocket t-shirts, and graphic tees are often made entirely from cotton; many feature the company’s logo of a pink whale.
  • Shep shirts are half-zip, crew neck sweatshirts featuring logos of different varieties, ranging from sports teams to the brand itself.
  • Sweaters range widely in terms of weight, color, and style. Some zip, some pull over, and others button down.
What kinds of men’s outerwear are produced by vineyard vines?

Jackets, fleeces, and vests are all available from vineyard vines.

  • Jackets vary from rain shells to slightly heavier weighted, breathable, water resistant material designed for activities like hiking and golf.
  • Fleece jackets come in half and quarter zip, and in various colors that include black, grey, and navy.
  • Vests vary in material from fleece to other synthetic blends to block against cold, wind, and rain.
What sorts of bottoms does vineyard vines make?

Pants and shorts are both available and are made of in different materials depending on the particular collection. Khakis are made from cotton, and some styles include stretch for comfort. Golf and performance wear use a breathable, wicking material to pull moisture away from your body. Many styles feature button and zip closure with front and back pockets. Hem length is variable among both pants and shorts to suit different frames.

What styles of swimwear are available?

vineyard vines men’s swim trunks fit just above the knee. With drawstring and tie closure, they are made to be worn both in the water and in public places, combined with a top. The material, even when wet, avoids transparency for privacy. vineyard vines swimwear is available in a wide range of colors and prints.

What kinds of accessories does vineyard vines produce?

Ties, socks, hats, and belts are all available from vineyard vines. Ties and bowties come in different sizes and designs to suit different aesthetic tastes for formal occasions. Socks are diverse in rise, look, and fit. Baseball hats, visors, and trucker hats come in different colors and fits. The backs of trucker hats are made from mesh for breathability. Belts are made from a combination of dark brown leather and fabric that features different patterns and logos, including the brand's distinct pink whale.

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