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About Yashica

Yashica Camera is a Japanese camera brand beloved by photography bugs and collectors. Its history is tightly linked to the history of the Japanese camera. Two models in particular are legendary in their respective classes and are still prized today: the Yashica Mat 124G Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) and the compact 35mm Yashica/Kyocera T4. Yashica started making TLRs in 1953, and in 1957 began producing the Yashica Mat TLR line, which proved to be one of the bestselling and most admired vintage cameras or TLRs. The Mat was one of the first crank-advance TLRs; it includes a light meter and is solid and easy to use. It is entirely mechanical and requires no electronics, not even the light meter. The line culminated in the Mat 124G in 1970; you can still find many today.

 Fast forward to 1993; by then, Yashica was acquired by Kyocera. They released the T4 compact 35mm point-and-shoot film camera. At first glance, it looks like a primary point-and-shoot consumer camera; however, it includes Zeiss lenses, zoom, and active motorized autofocus, yielding stunning professional results and an avid following. Add one of these legendary cameras to your collection, which may become your favorite. Find several Yashica T4 that can have a film for a camera that's 35mm to choose from online at eBay. One final caution: Kyocera stopped making cameras in 2005, and the Yashica brand is now the property of a Hong Kong manufacturer of inexpensive tech gadgets. The Yashica camera is at a price you cannot beat.