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Xcel Wetsuits

Ed D’Ascoli started Xcel in 1982 and offers wetsuits to men, women, and youth. Xcel offers fullsuits, springsuits, wetsuit tops, uv protection, and accessories. Xcel wetsuits have a neoprene layer and are designed to fit the body tightly.

What kinds of Xcel Wetsuits are there?

After size, temperature is the first factor to consider when choosing a wetsuit. The thickness and coverage of the material determines how well the material will insulate you. The temperature each person feels comfortable at varies with the individual, but there are generally good rules of thumb to use when choosing a wetsuit based on the anticipated water temperature. Here is a list of guidelines:

Use in 42 F and below:
  • 6/5 millimeters – 6/5/4 millimeters
  • Hooded fullsuit, boots, and gloves or mittens
  • Xcel Drylock
43 to 58 F:
  • 4/3 millimeters to 5/4/3 millimeters
  • Hooded fullsuit, boots, and gloves
  • Xcel Drylock, Xcel Revolt
58 to 63 F:
  • 3/2 millimeters to 4/3 millimeters
  • Fullsuit and booties
  • Xcel Infiniti, Xcel Infiniti comp, Xcel Revolt, Xcel Axis
62 to 68 F:
  • 2 millimeters to 3/2 millimeters
  • Spring suit or Short Sleeve
  • Xcel Infiniti, Xcel Infiniti comp, Xcel Axis
65 to 75 F:
  • 0.5 millimeters to 2/1 millimeters
  • Top or Shorty
  • Xcel Infiniti, Xcel Infiniti comp, Xcel Axis
72 F and above:
  • Pullover or rashguard
What details are important in a wetsuit?

The following factors will tend to affect performance.

  • TDC: Thermo Dry Celliant material dries quickly.
  • Thermo: Neoprene provides extra insulation without added bulk.
  • Thermoflex: Acts as an insulator. The material is also flexible.
  • Flatlock: A standard seam, similar to that on a T-shirt.
  • Blindstitched: By gluing, taping, and specialty sewing, blindstitching keeps more moisture out of your wetsuit than flatlock seams.

Wetsuits come with the option of having the zipper in the front, on the chest, or in the back. Back zippers make getting into the wetsuit easier.

Which kind of Xcel Wetsuit is suited for different sports?

Your insulation needs may change depending on your activity. Xcel Wetsuits are designed with special protection and enhancements, so it’s best to select one built specifically for your sport.

  • Surfing: A wetsuit with flexible material. Examples are the water-inspired fullsuits and the Drylock fullsuits.
  • Diving: A stiff, thick wetsuit built to insulate against changes in pressure. The men’s Hydroflex 3mm back zip 3mm dive fullsuit is an example.
  • Paddling: Suits that are buoyant with special panels in the shoulders of the wetsuit. The women’s Axis 2mm Neoprene Spring suit is an example.