Wrought Iron Chandeliers

If you have chosen rustic, Old World, vintage, or antique decor for your home, there are many wrought iron chandeliers available for you to choose from. They provide lighting as well as style. Learning about your options can help you select the right piece for your home.

What is wrought iron?

"Wrought" means worked, so wrought iron is tough but malleable iron that has been forged, hammered, rolled, extruded, or otherwise worked to change its form. The iron alloy used by blacksmiths throughout history was formed into everything from horseshoes, bolts, nuts, and nails to wagon wheels. This metal was sometimes refined into steel, which was used to make axes, chisels, cutlery, swords, and so on. Wrought iron chandeliers have not been worked from iron since the Industrial Revolution, but chandeliers that look like them are still referred to as wrought iron.

What metals were the iron replaced with?

Wrought iron chandeliers were replaced with hanging lights that are typically made of brass, aluminum, or steel tubing with die-cast zinc components. The hollow tubing makes them more lightweight. Suspension chains are commonly made of brass. The fixtures and chains are finished in a black or antique bronze color and then sealed with lacquer for rust resistance.

What rustic designs can be found on wrought iron chandeliers?

One rustic version of hanging chandeliers is the single ring that is suspended by four bars that converge to a single point at the top where it hangs from a chain from there on up. On the ring are several plain cylinder-shaped glass votives that conceal light bulbs. The look is reminiscent of candles on a wrought iron light fixture. Another common style is a single turned wood center column with multiple dipping metal arms that protrude from the center and curve back up to hold electrical candles. The candle chandelier is a distinctive style that can be enhanced with holiday decor.

What upscale versions of wrought iron chandeliers exist?

Some of the fancier versions include extra scrollwork that is attached to the arms of the fixture or around the entire height of the votive glasses that surround the light bulbs. In other styles, visible light bulbs that resemble candles are covered with small lamp shades. Chandeliers made with a Roman influence have a beautiful prominent leaf design that surrounds the base of each glass votive and covers other areas. The Roman-styled ones are finished with a bronze color. Sparkling hanging crystals are often added to the Roman styles as well as others.

What are some of the less common styles?

There are chandeliers that are arranged in a row rather than in a circle. They often feature the old world look of twisted iron bars. Some of those are made to look primitive, as are some of the wall sconces, while others are fancier. One-bulb entryway lights in the various wrought iron designs often have a lot of small scroll detailing on them. Many light fixture choices exist that will help you to set the tone of your home.