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Wine Glass Charms

A wine glass charm is an accessory that helps you identify your drinks at a party. They can also be a fun way to emphasize a theme for a party. These cute baubles can be made from a variety of materials, and they come in many shapes and sizes. Wine glass charms can add a touch of fun to any glass of wine at a home dinner party. They are great giveaways for weddings and corporate events.

What charms are necessary for different types of wine?

The type of charms you need will depend on the type of wine that you serve. This is because the shape of the wine glass will dictate the type of wine glass charm that is best able to attach to the glass.

  • White Wine: It is typically best to serve white wine in a stem wine glass so that the heat of your hands does not warm the wine. It is easiest to mark stemmed glasses with charms in the shape of rings.
  • Red Wine: Reds can be served in stemless glasses, since it is better at a slightly warmer temperature. For stem glass wine charms, you will need clip-on or magnetic charms.
  • Sparkling Wine: Sparkling wine is best served in a flute or stemmed wine glass, so you can use any type of wine charm.

How do magnetic wine charms work?

These wine glass charms will stick to any type of glass because the two-piece wine charms work by using magnets. Because of the magnetic field created by the attraction of the north and south poles of these metal pieces, these charms are able to attach securely to your glass. To mark your wine glass with magnet wine glass charms, stick one piece on the inside of the glass and put the other piece above it on the outside of the wine glass. Magnetic charms are designed to be inside of your glass and are therefore made with food-grade coatings that are designed not to interfere with the flavor of your wine.

What are some styles of wine charms?

During searches for wine glass charms, you will come across these types of wine accessories:

  • Ring charms: These charms clip around the step of a glass. Ring wine glass charms can doubly be used on bottles or a glass.
  • Magnetic charms: Magnets on these charms let you attach them firmly to a glass.
  • Hook charms: These charms balance on the edge of a wine glass.
  • Curved charms: Curved charms fit around the base of a glass. They come in cute shapes like cats.

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