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Wilson Iron Set Vintage Golf Clubs and Shafts

For over 100 years, Wilson has manufactured iron sets and other golf equipment for amateur and professional players. This includes a variety of irons for fairway and hazard play as well as other mid-range situations. Although the company’s offerings are always evolving, many players prefer the look and feel of vintage iron sets.

What types of irons are available?

Wilson manufactures irons suited for many different parts of a round of golf. Some of the irons available are:

  • Numbered irons - The majority of clubs in most players’ iron sets are numbered from 1 to 9. The higher the number, the shorter the distance it is intended for. Very few sets include the 1 or 2 irons, as these have largely been made obsolete by fairway woods.
  • Pitching wedge - The pitching wedge is suitable for shorter ranges than the numbered irons. It is the lowest-lofted of all the common wedges.
  • Sand wedge - This specially designed iron is intended for getting out of sand traps and other soft ground. It has a higher loft than a pitching wedge and has a unique shape designed to help it avoid digging into the sand.
  • Other wedges - There are a variety of other wedges that may be included in some iron sets such as gap wedges and lob wedges. Higher-lofted irons help with more accurate play at short ranges and with playing shots over obstacles.
What are the considerations when choosing an iron set?

When selecting an iron set to play with, the right choice is always the one that best fits your playing style. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when picking an iron set:

  • Handicap - It can be tempting to opt for high-end iron sets, but these are typically designed for golf players at or nearly at scratch (handicap of 0 or below). For many golfers, game improvement clubs are a better choice. Select an iron set that matches your experience and play level.
  • Weight - Club weight has a significant impact on the feel of the swing. It can also greatly affect the distance and angle of the shot. The distribution of that weight also changes the feel. This is primarily a matter of personal preference and playing style.
  • Stiffness - Like weight, the stiffness of the irons affects how the swing feels. Some players benefit from stiffer iron sets while others prefer less stiff. It is a matter of finding the right feel for your golf game.
Why replace an iron’s shaft?

Sometimes, players will opt to change the shafts on their irons. There are two main reasons for doing this:

  • Change the feel - Advanced players frequently fine-tune their iron sets to match their playing styles. Even less experienced golfers may want to change the weight and stiffness of their irons’ shafts to get more distance and accuracy from their clubs.
  • Fix damaged irons - The shaft is the easiest part of an iron to significantly damage. Replacing the shaft can be a cost-effective alternative to buying a new club.
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