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Wilson Golf Clubs

Wilson Golf is a golf industry equipment manufacturer that provides equipment such as clubs, balls, and accessories with equipment specific to beginning golfers all the way up to PGA Tour players. Wilson provides individual iron, wood, driver, putter, hybrid, and other clubs, and features a complete line of golf clubs featuring steel and graphite shafts. The Wilson Golf brand provides players with equipment and accessories designed to help players improve their game with attractive gear.

What is a hybrid iron?

This is essentially an iron that has been redesigned, keeping the feel and play of the given iron while incorporating wood characteristics. These include a larger head, gear-effect spin correction, and a wider sole. The hosel offset built into many hybrids can help cut down on slicing golf balls. The curvature built into these clubs creates \"gear effect,\" which naturally straightens out shots hit on the heel or toe.

What is \"flex\" in a golf club?

This is the ability of the golf club to bend as the swinging takes place. The ability of the shaft to compensate for the force of the golfers rotation can significantly affect the trajectory, distance, and accuracy of shots. Five ratings are generally used for shaft flex:

  • Extra stiff
  • Stiff
  • Regular
  • Senior
  • Ladies
What does a set of golf clubs consist of?

In a typical set of golf clubs, there are the 3-9 irons, pitching wedge, putter, and 1- and 3-woods. Many golfers add additional clubs to provide more diversity in certain parts of their games. These can include:

  • A driving iron
  • Sand, lob, or gap wedges
  • 2-, 4-, or 5-woods
What kinds of golf balls are available from Wilson Golf?

There are essentially two main types of balls: two-piece and multi-layers. The two-piece balls are harder, have a more durable cover, provide more distance off the tee, and are engineered to fly straight. Their drawback is the harder contact and the lack of feel in the impact. They are ideal for players with slower swings and for beginners. The three- and four-piece as well as the rare five-piece balls provide much more feel and spin. They are better suited for more experienced players and those players with a harder ball impact.

What is the Harmonized Golf Chipper?

The Wilson Harmonized Golf Chipper has a revolutionary seam grip with a slightly larger diameter. With a revolutionary head shape with no face insert, it is ideal for in-between shots. Specifically, it is of great benefit in those touch shots from the rough around the green.

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