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Wedding Cake Toppers

Are you a future bride to be or a future groom to be planning a wedding? Are you looking for a wedding cake topper to help celebrate your special day? Here's a guide to help you determine which of the various wedding cake toppers is right for you for your wedding day.

How are wedding cake toppers used?

A wedding cake topper is a figurine of a bride and groom that is placed on top of the wedding cake. The wedding cake topper traditionally represented the bride and groom on their special day. Nowadays, there are many more cake topper options than just the traditional bride and groom figurine that you and your significant other can choose from. If you are looking to add the final touch to your wedding, the wedding cake topper is the perfect item to do so.

What are the different cake toppers for wedding cakes?
  • Classic Couple: These cake toppers often depict the bride and groom in the formal wedding attire and can be kept after the wedding cake is gone. Traditionally, the bride will be depicted in a white wedding dress and a full veil. The groom will be depicted in a black tuxedo. The couple can be either male and female, male and male, or female and female. The bride and groom can be depicted comically or doing hobbies the couple enjoys. Figurines feature any race you choose.
  • Laser-Cut: This cake topper style will feature cut out words or shapes. It is most often featured in gold or silver. The words can spell out the brides and/or grooms' name, monogram, or a common phrase. The laser-cut words and phrases are often done in calligraphy but can come in a wide variety of fonts.
  • Animals: If you and your significant other love animals, there are many unique wedding cake toppers, such as a pair of animals. This pair of animals can represent the bride and groom on your cake in a more untraditional way. If you and your significant have a pet together, this can be also a great option to honor your pet on your wedding day.
  • Monograms: A letter of the last name or the monogram of the couple can make a statement of love on top of your wedding cake. These letters can come bejeweled, glitzy, rustic, or can even come in a simple color.
  • Rustic: If you love nature and the woods, there are wedding toppers for your cake that are made out of wood or twigs. These wood and twigs can be twisted into your name, a letter, or other shapes like a heart.
  • Flowers: Flowers that match your wedding decor can also be put on top of your cake. These will add a dainty and elegant touch to the wedding.