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Waterford Glassware

Waterford Glasses

George and William Penrose opened Waterford Glass Works in Waterford, Ireland, where they made the first Waterford glassware in 1783. The company has produced over 540 patterns on their crystal glassware, with many being highly collectible, including Waterford Lismore, Waterford Powerscourt, Waterford Kenmare, and Waterford Millennium. While not all Waterford crystal is made in Waterford, Ireland, artisans working there still blow about 45,000 pieces by mouth and cut them by hand annually.

What are some common types of Waterford crystal glassware?

Waterford Crystal makes a variety of different types of glassware, including the following:

  • Waterford Beer Steins: These are tall glasses with handles on the sides.
  • Waterford Champagne Flutes: These are tall, narrow bowls designed to hold sparkling wines. The long stems allow you to hold the glass without affecting the temperature of the liquid.
  • Waterford Collins Glasses: Taller and narrower than a highball glass, these crystal glasses are used to serve cocktails.
  • Waterford Cordial Glasses: Sometimes called pony glasses, these short glasses are used to serve after-dinner drinks.
  • Waterford Double Old-Fashioned Glasses: These short tumblers are used for serving alcoholic drinks over ice.
  • Waterford Goblets: These are widemouthed crystal glasses on short stems with bases.
  • Waterford Highball Glasses: Cocktails can be served in these tall tumblers.
  • Waterford Irish Coffee Glasses: These widemouthed glasses have handles on the stems.
  • Waterford Juice Glasses: Sometimes called lowball glasses, theses short crystal tumblers have a wide mouth and a heavy base.
  • Waterford Margarita Glasses: These are long-stemmed crystal cups with wide mouths and bases.
What are some of the Waterford crystal patterns?

With over 540 Waterford crystal patterns available, there are a plethora of choices for adding to your Waterford Crystal collection when buying new pieces. A small sampling of the patterns available from Waterford are listed below.

  • Lismore: Inspired by the Irish Lismore House, this pattern, introduced in 1952, has smooth wedge cuts supporting elongated ovals.
  • Alana: Inspired by the Irish girls name, this pattern, introduced in 1952, has many rows of deep wedge cuts.
  • Colleen: Also inspired by an Irish girls name, this pattern features rows of olives sitting on diamond cuts.
  • Powerscout: This has floral patterns sitting on interconnected diamonds.
How do you store Waterford Crystal?

To store Waterford Crystal, keep each piece in its original box. Consider packing the boxes into a larger container with packing material to prevent damage. If you display your Waterford crystal, be sure to put them in a location, such as a cabinet with glass panes in the doors, where they will be safe from falling and accidental breakage.

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