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How to Select Heat Guns for your DIY Projects

Heat guns are potent gadgets that one can use for almost all DIY home projects. These tools are highly versatile and can handle a number of tasks with ease. Heat guns can be used to soften adhesives, shrink film, and remove lead-based paint from walls. Here, we have compiled a guide to help you during your next Wagner heat gun purchase.

What can I use my Wagner heat gun for?

a heat gun kit is primarily used to strip paint off surfaces such as walls, blinds, etc. before sanding. However, this tool can also be used for:

  • Heating of frozen pipes
  • Welding
  • Heating wood before gluing
  • Shaping heat-formable materials, such as tar roofing
  • Drying paint or primer
  • Desoldering circuit boards

What important factors should I look out for when buying a Wagners heat gun?

  • Temperature Setting - Every heat gun has different temperature control setting. Heat guns, also referred to as hot air guns discharge air at approximately 100 - 800 degrees C (212 - 1472 degrees F). This setting is especially useful for anyone hoping to use the gadget for a variety of options such as welding, bending, etc. Keep in mind that if the temperature is too high, you could potentially crack or burn the materials.
  • Wattage/ Power - Expressed in Wattage (W), this is an important feature to consider. Wattage is used to measure the amount of energy/ power. NOTE: The higher the wattage, the stronger the heat gun. A basic Wagner power gun should have approximately 300 Watts. Purchase a hot air gun with Wattage between 450 - 600 for in-depth DIY projects.
  • Hot Air Flow - This feature is expressed in liters per minute (l/min), and it influences the rate at which air temperature reaches the surface. Depending on the model such as the Wagner Furno, the unit is mostly set at 500l/ min, but one can switch the fan speed to heighten or lower the flow.

What are the different Wagner air gun accessories?

Different Wagner models have various accessories, all depending on intended use. Some of the most common accessories include:

  • Cone nozzle - This accessory is used to focus the beam of the heat
  • Scraper - a scraper helps combine heating and scraping
  • Surface nozzle - This accessory is particularly handly for welding DIY projects
  • Spoon reflector - This feature is especially useful for bending, welding, or defrosting purposes.

What are the different types of Wagner nozzles?

When buying the first hot air gun, its important to know each snoot type beforehand.

  • Fishtail - Ideal for spreading heat in a wide area
  • Cone - Used to decrease the output size.
  • Spoon - Ideal for pipe soldering and to heat a small area
  • Glass - Stops the window from overheating during paint or adhesive removal
  • Flat - Extends heat through specific measurements
  • Built-in - Allows for one-hand operation for paint removal

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