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Voss Bottle

The iconic Voss bottle is a drinking water container. A design coming from Calvin Klein's former creative director, Neil Kraft, for the Voss company, these were the packaging for pure artesian water (from an underground aquifer), which sells all over the world. Customers look for Voss water for drinking, but also for the trendy bottles. Used bottles are desirable for a range of purposes and have a significant online market.

Types of Voss Bottle

Voss bottles are clear and come in both glass and high quality PET plastic. They have a straight, slender cylindrical shape 9 inches (approx 23 cm) high and have a silver grey top. The glass bottles are either 375 ml (approx 12.7 US Fl Oz) or 800 ml (27 US Fl Oz). The PET bottles come in 330 ml, 500 ml and 850 ml (11.2, 16.9, and 28.7, US Fl Oz, respectively).

Are Used Bottles Safe to Drink From?

PET is Polyethylene Terephthalate, with a number 1 recycle code. Voss takes pride in minimizing its environmental footprint and is carbon neutral, with all products being recyclable.; However, there are some things to be aware of with used plastic PET bottles if you intend to drink from them or store edible liquids in them:

  • PET is in wide use as beverage packaging and is fine for that first use.
  • PET is porous and gradually accumulates bacteria, solids and chemical pollutants.
  • It is not for long term use and is best; to only use it for cold liquids a few times before recycling, not for long term use.;

What Can You Do with Used Voss Bottles?

You can be creative when it comes to reusing attractive resources. The Voss glass bottles are particularly desirable, although the lightweight plastic has its uses too.;

  • Small Storage:; Use these bottles for storage of; small craft items, toys, gaming pieces, handyman parts, and; dry food. They fit one full packet of spaghetti! They're great for space-friendly storage in small rooms due to their shape, and can double as decorative displays.
  • Homemade Beverages:; Bearing in mind the limits to reuse of PET for liquids, you can make teas or infused waters by adding sliced limes, fruit, berries, mint and herbs to your filtered water. Then keep the bottle with you for sips throughout the day.;
  • Sensory Bottles.; You can calm both children and adults with these. In addition, they can provide excellent sensory stimulation for babies. You make them by half-filling the bottles with small, colored, shiny objects like glitter, beads, letters, small shapes, etc. Add them dry, or drop them into a full bottle of oil, gel or glue solution that you tint with edible coloring. Seal the lid with superglue to prevent young ones opening it. If you do make one for babies and children, buy one with a well-sealing, intact lid for the child's safety.