Get Classic Looks With Vintage Suits and Separates for Men

Vintage mens suits reminiscent of various decades in fashion are available at affordable prices on eBay. You can shop for an entire vintage model or choose the mens separates that complete the classic look you want to achieve. Getting to know some of your options and the features you can choose will help you find the vintage mens suit that matches your style.

How do you choose mens vintage suit?

There are a few ways you can use eBay to find the vintage suits and separates for men that match your needs. Some of the basic criteria you can use when shopping for your next new or pre-owned mens vintage suit are:

  • Size: You can select sizes for all the mens vintage separates on eBay. These sizes include the waist, the jacket size, the sleeve length, and the length of the trousers.
  • Pattern: Vintage suits for men come in a range of patterns to satisfy your tastes. Some common options include solids, herringbone, Argyle, and pinstripes.
  • Theme: Many vintage mens suits from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s are structured around particular themes. Some of the themes you can choose for your suit include dinner, Italian, or the classic professor look.
Materials for mens vintage clothing

Vintage clothes for men come in a range of materials for your convenience. You can use eBay to find the suit materials that appeal to you. Some common materials you will come across during your search include:

  • Blends: Cotton, cashmere, lyrca, and acrylics can all blend with other materials.
  • Tweed: This classic material is a rough, woolen fabric.
  • Suede: These suits should have a sleek, smooth feel.
What brands offer vintage mens suits?

Several brands produce suits for men that are either vintage or retain a classic look from another era of fashion. You can find both new and pre-owned mens vintage suits from some of your favorite brands on eBay. A few of the choices you will find during your search are:

  • Alan Flusser: Alan Flusser designs his own line of mens suits in a vintage style for the Alan Flusser Custom fashion house.
  • Karl Lagerfeld: Many Lagerfeld suits for men have a classic look or vintage style. You can also find separates under the Lagerfeld brand.
  • Burberry: Burberry Group PLC is a fashion house that markets several vintage clothing options to men.
  • Missoni: Missoni is known for the colorful knits it can sometimes employ in mens vintage suits.