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Comfort and Elegance With Victoria's Secret Leggings and Yoga Pants

Victoria's Secret leggings and yoga pants for women come in many colors and styles to suit your specific tastes. The fabric construction is a cotton, polyester, and spandex blend. To help you select a style that suits your preferences, here is some information about the various styles of Victoria's secret leggings and yoga pants available in new and previously owned conditions on eBay.

What different styles and sizes are available from Victoria's Secret?

Victoria's Secret leggings are available in several different styles that are suitable for activities that range from yoga and working out to just lounging around the house to pairing with a smart blouse for a day on the town. Some come in different lengths to allow for a custom fit for women of varying heights. Most leggings come in women's size extra small through size extra large. Some of the styles available include:

  • High-waist - High-rise pants offer a fold-over waist option for a low-rise fit when desired and feature a boot cut or skinny leg. The inseam may come in short, regular, or tall.
  • Yoga Pants - High-rise pants offer a fold-over waist and a boot-cut leg style. The yoga pant inseam may vary from 30 to 34 inches.
  • Capri length - Capri pants offer a mid-rise style with a skinny leg, and a 20-inch to 20.5-inch inseam.
  • Tights - Victoria's Secret tights may range from a sports crop length with a 17-inch inseam to a sports high-rise with a 30-inch inseam.
What colors do the leggings and yoga pants come in?

Victoria's Secret and VS PINK leggings and yoga pants for women come in gray, brown, black, and other neutrals or pastels. There are also many variations of solid black with the addition of bright and contrasting colors, patterns, or logos. Some styles are available in bright colors like pink, blue, green, purple, patterns, and vibrant color combinations.

What are some features of Victoria's Secret tights and leggings?

Victoria's Secret offers leggings and tights such as the Knockout Sport High-Rise Legging. These leggings are form fitting, constructed of nylon, and feature wicking. Wicking is designed to keep the skin dry by removing any water or dampness. Some of the leggings may have fleece lining while some have a ribbed hem. Some tights and legging designs may include cutouts, mesh detailing, or leg ties. Some of the leggings have rucking at the back of the waistband. Many of the leggings and tights include pockets found on the side, back, or leg of the pant.

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