Vermont Teddy Bear Co. Teddy Bears

The Vermont Teddy Bear company was founded in 1981 in Vermont by John Sortino, who made them on his wife's sewing machine. Shortly afterward, he started selling the stuffed animals at an open market and added mail order to the company with Bear Grams. Vermont Teddy Bears are handcrafted in the company's Shelburne, Vermont headquarters.

What types of teddy bears does Vermont Teddy Bear manufacture?

The Vermont Teddy Bears come in various categories that correspond with holidays such as birthdays, holidays, professions, birth announcements, and other similar themes. Each of these categories has unique eye colors, fur colors, names, and attire. Additional boxed goodies can also be added. The availability of each attribute can vary depending on the type of bear chosen.

These are just some of the designs available for the Vermont Teddy Bears:

  • "I Love You" Bow Tie
  • Veterinarian
  • Graduation
  • Bride
  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Turkey
  • Jack-o-Lantern
  • Christmas
Where are the teddy bears made?

Each Vermont Teddy Bear is handmade at the company site in Shelburne, Vermont, where a "Bear Crew" cuts, sews, stuffs, stitches, dresses, boxes, and ships them. Most have jointed movement, paw pads, and suede noses. All of these parts, including the eyes, are made in the United States. Their outfits are also designed at the Vermont Teddy Bear company site in Vermont and then sent to a factory to be manufactured.

Where is the material used to make the bears from?

The material that they are stuffed with is from the United States. Some of the fur is purchased from the United States but others are purchased from other countries. This is due to the fact that specific materials the company utilizes are only available elsewhere. One example of this is mohair, a silky type of goat hair, sourced from Germany.

What sizes and colors are available for the teddy bears?

The sizes of bear range from a standard 15 inches to a 6-foot oversized Hunka Love bear. There are several colors available. Most of the colors are available for any style of animal. However, the premium fur teddy bears are available in just three color choices- maple, espresso, and snow. All other teddy bears are available in honey, maple, vanilla, black, buttercream, pink, grey, curly gold, espresso, and snow. The bears also come in a variety of sizes, including 24 inches, 15 inches, 20 inches, 6 feet, 4 feet, and 3 feet.