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Whip Up Treats With a Taylor Ice Cream Machine

If you're serious about your ice cream, whether it's a hobby or something you do professionally, you need to have the right equipment to get the optimal results. There are several reasonably priced Taylor ice cream machines available on eBay. These nifty machines are designed to help you get the right consistency and flavor as well as keep the product at the proper freeze point.

How much capacity do they have?

New and gently used ice cream machines from Taylor come in various sizes. The smaller batch equipment, which is more affordable, is intended to be placed on a countertop and would have a cylinder that can hold three quarts. A relatively similar piece of equipment with a cylinder that can hold 3.4 quarts can be used for soft serve, frozen yogurts, and custards. Other models that have the same capacity of 3.4 quarts can be placed directly on the floor. Those come with casters that can lock into place.

What are some helpful features that they may have?

In terms of getting the right consistency and flavor, there are a few built-in features included on many ice cream machines from Taylor that will help. First of all, you can set the time required to complete the ice cream, and a buzzer will alert you when the process is complete. Also, some units allow flavorings and toppings to be poured in through an opening at the top of the Taylor machine. There may be several other systems in place, such as:

  • Indicator lights: When a light turns on, you know you have to add more mix.
  • Electronic controls: Having an electronic microprocessor built into the master control system can be useful for regulating temperatures and viscosity.
  • Standby mode: Some Taylor machines can move into a standby mode when they haven't been used for a designated period. In this mode, the machines would maintain safe temperatures in each of their various parts.
  • Digital temperature indicator: When serving others, it's important that food products be cooked and held at the right temperatures. Being able to quickly glance at a digital readout can help a chef manage what's going on in the kitchen.
Can other products be made in these ice cream machines?

Depending on the type of Taylor equipment you have, you could also make Italian ice, sorbet, gelato, and frozen yogurt. You can look through the options on eBay to see which new and second-hand ice cream machines might fit your needs.