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Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Finding the Right Taylor Acoustic Guitar for Your Needs

Whether you are just beginning your journey as an acoustic guitar player or looking for another stringed instrument for your collection, there are many available in the eBay marketplace. If you have not been able to narrow your options, you may be interested in an instrument from Taylor guitars. They have been around since 1974 and specialize in acoustic guitars.

What woods are the guitars made of?

Taylor guitars offers instruments in a wide choice of tone woods. Acoustic guitars are divided in their catalog by series titles and numbers based on the body tone woods and cosmetic appointments. All acoustic guitars are professional instruments that ensure beginner guitars maintain quality control. Here is a breakdown of the wood types available for the lineup of the acoustic guitars.

  • Academy Series: Laminated mahogany beginner guitar.
  • 100: Solid spruce top, laminated walnut body.
  • 200: Solid spruce or koa top, laminated rosewood, koa, or copafera.
  • 300: All solid-wood combinations of spruce, sapele, mahogany, and Tasmanian blackwood.
  • 400: All solid-wood combinations of spruce, rosewood, and ovangkol.
  • 500: All solid-wood combinations of spruce, mahogany, and cedar.
  • 600: All solid-wood combinations of spruce and maple.
  • 700, 800, and 900: All solid-wood combinations of spruce and rosewood.
  • Presentation Series: Solid Macassar ebony and spruce.
What acoustic guitar body shapes are available?

The new and preowned six- and 12-string acoustic guitars available on eBay come in a variety of body shapes. Here is a list from the smallest to the largest:

  • Baby: This version of the dreadnought guitar model, at three-fourths scale, is suitable for travel. Because of its smaller size, it can be played by children.
  • Big Baby: This is slightly larger than the Baby model at seven-eighths scale.
  • GS: This is similar to the Grand Symphony series in a three-fourths scale.
  • Grand Concert: A small full-size body shape, it is an auditorium-size guitar preferred for finger style.
  • Grand Symphony: Comparable to a mini Jumbo guitar, its often preferred for strumming.
  • Dreadnought: This is a common, square-shouldered guitar that is sometimes used by bluegrass music flat pickers as a standby.
  • Grand Orchestra: This revamp of the Jumbo guitar body shape is designed for acoustic balance without sacrificing volume.
What are the acoustic guitar categories?

When selecting a Taylor acoustic guitar on eBay, you can pick one out based on the categories provided. The categories are:

  • Features: Options include 12-fret, cutaway, and guitars with pickup.
  • Body type: You can select from childrens, dreadnought, grand auditorium, jumbo, or parlor sizes.
  • String configuration: Six string or 12 string
  • Size: Options include full size, ½, ¾, 7/8, or mini.
  • Condition: New, manufacturer refurbished, seller refurbished, or used.
What are the acoustic differences among tonewoods in guitars?

Spruce is a favorite guitar tonewood due to its strength and tone. It improves as the guitar ages and will develop additional overtones, which is why older acoustic guitars often have a fuller voice than new ones. Cedar is common among classical guitarists and has a bright sound that tends to stay the same. Mahogany and koa are warmer sounding with less projection than spruce.

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