Super Mario Bros. Video Gaming Plush Dolls

Popular Plush Toys for Popular Franchises

Nintendo released Super Mario Bros in 1985, and since its first release, the game has seen many variations and titles on multiple platforms. The franchise produced many different characters, including Luigi, Mario, Koopa, and Bowser, all of which are also available in plush toy form to enjoy. If youre searching for a plush doll for yourself or as a gift for someone else, there are many different sizes and characters to choose from. Some of these plush toys are officially licensed through Nintendo and Sanei, and other generic dolls from different brands are also options.

Which Characters Can You Choose from as Plush Dolls?

There are many different characters spanning the various releases of Super Mario Bros and plush toys portraying almost every one, including popular game features like a kart bomb or warp pipe. Here are some of the common Mario characters found in the plush range:

  • Mario and Luigi: The two main characters of the franchise and a common choice for the plush toys, with the Mario plush being most popular.
  • Bowser: Known as the bad guy in Super Mario world, Bowser can be found in plush form.
  • Koopa: These turtle-like creatures are a permanent fixture in the Super Mario Bros world.
  • Yoshi: The small mushroom character is a cute choice for a Super Mario plush.
  • Princess Peach: The princess features in the very first game and continues to appear in most other titles.
  • Various Features: In addition to the characters there are objects like pipes and bombs found in the Super Mario world to collect.

What Sizes of Super Mario Plus Dolls Are There?

The plush sizes vary depending on which character you choose and what their purpose is. Some people use their plush dolls as collectibles only and others, like kids, might like to play with them. Depending on whether you want licensed dolls or generic brand ones, there are different sizes to choose from. 

  • Large plush: Large Yoshi and Mario plush styles can reach up to 17 inches and above, often standing alone.
  • Medium plush: Most of the Super Mario plush range fall into the medium category measuring around 8 to 13 inches.
  • Small plush: Smaller Super Mario doll characters usually measure under 6 inches. 
  • Mini plush: These dolls are so small they usually feature on accessories like key rings.

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