How to Buy Super Mario Bros. Watches

When you've been playing Super Mario games since the video graphics were 8-bit, you're more than just a fan. You've got Mario as plushes, on T-shirts, and in action figure form, but your collection isn't quite complete until you have a Super Mario watch.

Which Analog Watches Are Available?

Some Nintendo wristwatches are analog watches that offer a more traditional look. The only difference is that these watches have game characters Mario and Luigi on them, unlike a basic analog design.

  • There are watches with a plastic or rubber band that incorporate a colorful Mario and Luigi design on the face. The hands are usually a contrasting color, and these types of watches are geared more towards kids.
  • Watches with a leather band embellished with video game scenery are for teens and adults. These feature an analog face with an image from the classic 8-bit game and have a steel casing.
  • For those who prefer the look of an oversized sports watch, there are sports watches depicting Mario with a black strap and black case that feature the game's characters on the face.

Which Digital Watches Can You Purchase?

If you're looking to tell time on a digital face instead of on an analog watch, there are numerous game designs from which to choose. Many are geared towards children, but adults can wear or collect them, too.

  • LED watches are a fun type of watch that features an all-over character design with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and even Toad. Instead of a regular watch face, this LED watch has glowing numbers that light up when you press the face, but otherwise, it looks like a kitschy bracelet.
  • Retro digital watches are designs that came out in the 1980s or 1990s. These collectibles have a rectangular face that looks like a miniature version of the game, and some of them are actually playable. These types of watches typically have a plastic strap.
  • Standard watches have a black and red strap and feature the Mario Bros on their face. These wristwatches may have additional features, like flashing lights.

Are There Novelty Timepieces Available?

Not just for telling time, some Super Mario accessories are fun to play with and collect. These options are more than your average wristwatch.

  • The Super Mario Projector design has a built-in projector that projects images of characters onto a flat surface. These images glow in the dark, making this a fun and functional toy for kids age three and up.
  • Three-dimensional timepieces have a character head on top of the accessory that kids can lift up to see the time. 
  • A Gamewatch combines telling time with playing a handheld video game. These game watches look like a small version of a Game Boy, and kids can play a game on them by using miniature controls. Some of them feature titles like "Super Mario Bros. 3" and "Super Mario Race."