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Hickey Freeman Suits for Men

With their silk-and-wool-blend suits, Hickey Freeman can give you the classic look this American clothier is known for. This company, founded in 1899 and based in Rochester, New York, offers a wide variety of suit styles and designs. Knowing the style and fit that works for you is key to finding the Hickey Freeman suit that can complement your wardrobe with the design and details you prefer.

How do you find the right size?

Knowing your size is the single most important factor when buying any type of clothing. You want to make sure that your Hickey Freeman suit is going to fit you in a way that comfortably allows natural movement but does not feel overly roomy.

What should you consider when looking for a suit?

This is going to depend on both personal preference and body composition. The objective is to find a suit that complements your frame and body type and also suits your individual style. In order to choose the right suit size, it is important to know your measurements, such as your chest, waist, hip, and inseam.

  • Slim: If you have a slender build, you may want to take a look at a slim fit. The jacket should complement your shape, and the pants should have the leg style and length you prefer. Slim styles are designed to provide a tailored look.
  • Regular: If you do not have a slender build and want a fuller-fitting Hickey Freeman suit, then consider the regular fit. This fit may accentuate your build differently than the slim one. With your jacket, you want to make sure you have enough mobility without it feeling loose. The pants need to provide adequate waist room without sacrificing fit.
  • Length: Your jacket length is going to be largely dependent on your height. A good rule of thumb is to find a jacket where the hem sits around the lower-to-mid-crotch area.
What colors are Hickey Freeman suits available in?

Hickey Freeman suits come in several different colors and shades, including the following, and more:

  • Black: A black silk-and-wool-blend suit can be worn in formal settings but can also be used as everyday business attire.
  • Blue or dark gray: These classic colors are also appropriate for business suits.
  • Light gray or beige: These options are available to give you a more casual, warm-weather look for business or leisure.