Studio & Handcrafted Art Pottery

Handcrafted Art Pottery

Handcrafted art pottery comes in various forms, designs, styles, and colors. People who create pottery can embellish different pieces with glazes for colored effects. Some pottery items are functional while others are intended only for display.

What styles of pottery items are available?

Pottery items include vases, plates, pitchers, mugs, bowls, and decorative plaques.

Decorative pitchers come in a range of different sizes with a wide variety of designs on them. Vignettes, faces, silhouettes, animals, and flowers are some of the art subjects utilized to decorate these pieces. Different types and colors of glaze help to bring artwork to life.

Collectible bowls are often made out of pottery. Large and small bowls combine to form sets that can be showcased in a hutch or on a shelf to create a focal point in your home. From intricate china patterns to whimsical flowers, bowls are often used to fill a space with color and interest.

Mugs provide another opportunity for being creative with pottery. A drinking vessel may take on an animalistic appearance, or perhaps a purely abstract look. While some mugs can be used for serving an drinking, others are purely displayed items for aesthetic appeal.

What is the process of crafting pottery items?

Artists who create pottery mold material into a shape either by hand or with the use of a pottery wheel at an art pottery studio. Once an item is finished, it is fired in the studio’s kiln, which reaches very high temperatures to cook and dry out the clay. After firing, a piece of pottery can be glazed and re-fired to achieve certain colors and finishes. Following the re-firing, a piece is typically ready for use or display.

What is pottery made from?

Pottery is made from different types of clay. Stoneware, ball, fire, and porcelain are a few of the common types of this medium. Depending on the type of material utilized, a finished object will have different qualities in terms of finish, heat tolerance, and care needs.

How do you clean pottery items?

First, brush as much dirt or grime off the item as possible. Then, submerge the item in a vinegar and water solution. Once the item is clean, you can either rinse the pottery with cool water to get rid of the vinegar smell or run it through a dishwasher if the item is durable enough. Different pieces will require different levels of care. Ask about the type of material your item is made from in order to learn more about specific care instructions.