Cool Off With a Stoelting Ice Cream Machine

Whether ice cream has always been on the menu or you're considering adding it, you cannot go wrong with Stoelting ice cream equipment for your restaurant. Find a large selection of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and slushy machines at the most affordable prices when you shop on eBay.

Models of Stoelting ice cream machines 

There are many different Stoelting soft serve and frozen yogurt machine models for sale. The most prevalent is the Stoelting F231, a free-standing gravity soft serve and yogurt freezer that is water cooled. However,there are also other models available, all of which offer different features. A few other Stoelting models for sale include the following:

  • E131-38
  • 4231
  • 2131
  • SF144-31

What are some features of these Stoelting ice cream machines? 

Most of these machines are gravity-fed, which means they are filled with ice cream mixture from the top. Some units sit atop counters while others are free-standing. Some can hold two flavors and serve each separately and also mix them together, while others allow for the dispensing of soft serve on one side and milkshakes on the other with front-mounted spinners. Some are water-cooled and others are air-cooled. The variety of features allow you to choose the best model for your restaurant. You'll want to consider your space requirements when selecting one to make sure that you have enough room for the machine you purchase.

Can you find replacement parts for your current kitchen machines? 

There are myriads of Stoelting parts for these ice cream machines and more. With the quality of Stoelting machines, it is highly unlikely you will need replacement parts. However, in fast-paced restaurant environments, pieces and parts can easily be misplaced during routine cleaning. Some parts that are available for purchase include the following:

  • Door assemblies
  • Drip trays
  • Panels
  • Face plates
  • Auger shafts

Are these Stoelting ice cream machines new or used? 

You can find both new and used ice cream equipment. Brand-new models have the newest technology and are energy efficient but have a higher price tag. Used models, on the other hand, can be very cost-efficient. When you're considering used machines, make sure they have been regularly cleaned and maintained. You can also find a number of refurbished ice cream machines that have been taken completely apart and any necessary repairs have been made. They have also been cleaned and had their exterior panels replaced, so they could be mistaken for new ones at a lower cost.

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