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Star Trek Games

With so many movies and television series connected to "Star Trek," the franchise has expanded globally. During its existence, quite a bit of fan merchandise has been created. Out of this has emerged a variety of "Star Trek"-themed games.

What kinds of "Star Trek" games are there?

"Star Trek" has been the theme of many board games, computer games, and console games over the decades, including numerous digital video games. Well-known titles include "Star Trek Timelines" for mobile devices and "Star Trek Online," which is available for PCs.

In addition to digital games, "Star Trek" has also created a number of board games, such as Star Trek Ascendancy. These games include gameplay that focuses on alien battles, unique characters, dice rolls, and event cards. These types of "Star Trek" games are immersive, and you can play with at least three other players.

What is the gameplay of a "Star Trek" game like?

"Star Trek" games represent several variations of the TV series, but most games come from the first two series. These contain the most widely recognizable characters. Depending on what "Star Trek" saga the game focuses on, the games can play quite differently.

  • The Original Series: The first "Star Trek" adventures on television, which is the original series, featured Captain Kirk and his crew. Their stated mission was to “explore strange new worlds,” and games in this setting are all about exploration. Examples are games like The Settlers of Catan.
  • "The Next Generation": Star Trek Ascendancy has a lot of content from "The Next Generation." The second series featured the second ship named the Enterprise and her crew. This starship also encountered adventure constantly and displayed new levels of diplomacy with species like the Klingons and the Romulans. As a result, games set in this series will have contact with alien civilizations throughout the galaxy.
  • "Deep Space Nine": This show was the first to not take place on a ship; instead, the series took place on a space station. As a result, the show focused more on intrigue, with species like the Ferengi and the Dominion. There are expansions for games that feature "Star Trek" species like the Cardassians and the Ferengi from the show.
  • "Voyager": Led by Captain Janeway, the "Voyager" series was all about a lost ship that was far away from Starfleet Command. As a result, there was a lot of exploration, first contact, and crew drama in this series. Games and expansion packs that feature this series tend to focus on the bridge crew as a result.
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