Stand Up Paddle Boards

Stand up paddle boarding is becoming an increasingly popular water sport as it is a fun activity to do with friends and is also a good way to get some exercise by paddling around or doing exercises on the board. Paddle boarding is also relatively simple and can be done by people of a wide variety of ages. There are many stand up paddle boards on the market, so it can be slightly difficult to know which one best suits your needs and preferences, but having one is a sure way to have fun and enjoy time on the water.

What are the different types of stand up paddle boards?

There are different types of boards that all serve different purposes and handle differently, so it is important to consider what it will be used for before making a decision.

  • All-around: An all-around paddle board is most commonly used because they are very versatile and are typically wider and more stable than other varieties.
  • Flatwater: This variety has a more pointed profile than the all-around boards, making them great for gliding on flat surfaces, such as open oceans and lakes. They are slightly narrower than the all-around board as well, but they still provide an adequate amount of stability.
  • Surf: This stand up paddle board is shorter and narrower than the other varieties, making it easier to maneuver. It resembles a surf board with its pointed nose and is best used to cruise waves.

What is the difference between inflatable and solid boards? 

  • Inflatable: This variety of stand up paddle board is lighter than its solid counterpart and also packs up into a bag or box, making it easier to store. Because it packs up simply, an inflatable paddle board can be easily transported to various locations compared to a full solid board.
  • Solid: Solid stand up boards provide the convenience of not having to take time to inflate, allowing you to begin paddle boarding quickly. They tend to be more stable on wavy water and in windy conditions and also generally last longer than inflatable boards because of their durable material.

What is an inflatable stand up paddle board made of?

An inflatable board is generally made up of a flexible PVC exterior and has an intricate drop stitch interior that contains many crossing fibers that become straightened when the paddle board is inflated. There may also be rubber or foam padding on the surface of the inflatable board for grip when standing.

How long should the paddle be?

A paddle used for general stand up paddle boarding should be the height of your wrist when your hand is raised directly above your head. This is about 10 to 12 inches above the top of the head. Note that the length of this paddle accessory may vary depending on the use, such as in surfing, where the paddle is slightly shorter. Each paddle can generally be adjusted to varying heights.

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