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How to Incorporate Stainless Steel Fountains into Your Landscape

Adding water elements such as fountains and waterfalls into your property creates a new level of style and serenity into the space. Stainless steel elements streamline the upkeep, design, and installation of water features, ensuring your garden remains hydrated and elegant all season long.

What Are the Major Types of Fountains for a Garden?

The style of each fountain depends on the placement in your space as well as the desired look and effect. Each fountain should complement the property's overall design.

  • Cascade Water Fountains: Ideal for a pool or pond, wide cascade fountains release a flat and even stream of water that filters into the water below. Choose the width of the fountain based on the structure in which it lives.
  • Spillways: Stainless steel water features that diminish in size as the water falls from one to the next is know as a spillway fountain. Water can flow through a garden or along a stream on the property. This also works as a unique filer for pools and ponds.
  • Accent Waterfalls: Arched up above the water, these stylish stainless steel accents work well to filter water from a pool while create the calming sound for those enjoying the space. The stainless steel aspect of this selection is good for sleek and modern water fountain design.

What Are the Benefits of Water Fountains Made From Stainless Steel?

The addition of chromium gives stainless steel its unique properties of durability against corrosives and anything which could stain or break it down. This is particularly helpful for stainless steel water features.

  • Easy to Clean: With the constant flow of water, especially that which requires filtering, stainless steel's easy-to-clean feature makes it an ideal choice for water features.
  • Value: When choosing a fountain for your property, durability, and longevity is key. Stainless steel is often low in price and has a long durability.
  • Appearance: The clean and sleek appearance of stainless steel means that water features from this material work in a wide range of backyard styles.

What Features are Available for Water Fountains?

Stainless steel fountains blend well with lighting, garden accents, and a range of pool or pond colors and design styles.

  • LED Lights: Special lights made for water features and fountains pair well with the stunning flow of water into a pool or garden. Lights add a dramatic effect to the night appearance of each fountain.
  • Submersible Pumps: It's important to choose the correct hardware to keep your stainless steel water feature functioning properly in its unique setting. These self-contained pumps are ideal for fountains and water-based elements.
  • Fountain Power Cords: In the same theme of the submersible pump, fountain power cords are made with water safety in mind. Protect the filter, fountain, and surrounding area of your water element by ensuring you choose the certified electrical equipment for water features.