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Squier Guitar Parts

Even the most well-kept Squier guitars require replacement parts due to common wear and tear. If you are looking to replace your old or broken guitar parts, Squier guitar parts are designed to complete Squier guitar models.

What are the main parts of Squier guitars?

Every instrument relies on several key components for smooth sound and easy playing. These include:

  • Pickups: This is the main transducer that \"picks up\" the vibration of the guitar strings. This is how it converts the acoustic sound into its signature electric style.
  • Neck: The neck is the upper part of the guitar and includes the fretboard, tuners, headstock, and truss rod. This is also where the strings are situated. Necks come in different types of wood and styles depending on your preference.
  • Tremolo: Often referred to as a \"whammy bar,\" tremolos are used to create a vibrational sound with the guitar. These were used by such guitarists as Jimi Hendrix and Eddie Van Halen.
  • Pickguard: This plastic plate is situated underneath the strings of the guitar. Their main purpose is to prevent scratch marks on the guitar's finish.
  • Knobs: Knobs control volume and tone. There are many different colors and styles to choose from when replacing the ones on your guitar.
  • Strings: This is the main source of sound from your guitar. These are usually plucked with a guitar pick or with fingers.
Why choose Squier parts?

The simple answer is that Squier parts are constructed especially for Squier guitars. While this sounds obvious, many people are still not sure if they have to only use those made by the brand. The reason to choose them is the fact that their parts are made to complete your individual Squier guitar model. Sticking with the same brand will ensure all the pieces fit and your instrument retains its original quality.

How do you replace the parts?

Most components are constructed for easy replacement. Knobs can be pulled off to replace them. However, some kinds of knobs may require a screwdriver. On the other hand, strings can be a little more complicated. You have to loosen the tuners so that string can be unwound. Once this is done, you thread the new strings through the slot on the tuner key and tighten until you hear the desired note. Pickguards can be replaced by loosening the three screws that hold them in place. Once this has been removed, simply replace it with your new pickguard. The pickups, neck and the tremolo may require additional assistance to replace. You may need to hire a professional to replace them for you. This is especially true when handling pickups, which have electrical components.