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Sony PlayStation 4 Video Game Consoles

PS4 Consoles for Gaming Thrills

The PS4 is made by Sony and is a great gaming console option when you want to enjoy exciting gaming experiences in the comfort of your home. The PS4 is an inexpensive gaming solution that offers a variety of fun and entertaining PS4 games to try. A number of popular apps and subscriptions are also available through the PS4. The Playstation 4 is compatible with a number of accessories that allow you to customize your gaming experience. It remains a top choice among gamers.

What games are available on PS4?

Playstation 4 users have a seemingly never-ending supply of Playstation 4 games from which to choose. The 2018 release of Spider-Man had an overwhelming amount of success for the PlayStation 4. The gaming experts also note that Spider-Man is just as popular today as ever. God of War is another top PS4 game that is sure to provide you with hours of entertainment. It is also important to remember that currently available games for PS4 include all PS2 games and many games that were designed for the PS3.

PS4 setup

Many prospective PS4 owners mistakingly believe the setup for their PS4 consoles involves a complicated process. The truth is that the simple and intuitive process can be completed in a matter of minutes. Each PS4 may have a slightly different procedure, so refer to the manufacturer's instructions. The basics include these series of steps:

  • Select a spot for your PS4 console.
  • Connect both ends of an HDMI cable to the correct locations on the back of your television and gaming console.
  • Unpack your power chord and plug the appropriate end into your PS4. The under end should be plugged into the wall.
  • Press your console's power button to turn the system on.
  • Connect your controller to the console with a USB cord.

The setup continues with customizing the settings you desire for your PS4 gaming experience. You can use your computer to designate the language your PS4 will use, establish the date and time, and set up an internet connection for your console.

What is included with your PS4 console purchase?

The PS4 Pro console is the latest console available from Sony and can be purchased with a number of bundles. The PS4 Pro is always sold with all the cords and connections needed to initiate gameplay. A basic bundle will also include a single controller and a starter game for your system. More complex PS4 Pro bundles may include an extra controller so that you can enjoy your games with a friend and explore the many premium games available on the system.

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