Solid Wood Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Sets

Solid Wood Contemporary Bedroom Furniture Sets

For people who are moving into a new house or apartment, a set of solid wood bedroom furniture saves time and money. You don’t have to search around trying to find which nightstand matches the headboard on your bed or worry if the dresser clashes with the chest of drawers or if the mirror is the right size. All furniture is tastefully matched, and as it’s made out of solid wood, it will last a long time with minimal care.

What is solid wood versus engineered wood?

Solid wood furniture is constructed out of whole pieces of wood. If it was engineered, there would be a show layer of high-quality wood on top of layers of inferior wood or plywood. These lower layers are laid perpendicular to each other and pressure glued together to make them strong.

What kind of wood is most often used in contemporary furniture?

There’s a great variety of wood that goes into making contemporary solid wood furniture for your bedroom. They include:

  • Oak - There are several species of oak, and most are durable and hard. Many pieces of furniture are made from quartered oak. This is when planks of wood are sawn toward or through the middle of the tree trunk. The planks and veneers that result are uncommonly beautiful but very strong.
  • Mahogany - This wood is prized by woodworkers because it is easy to work and has a beautiful grain and reddish brown color.
  • Hickory - This tree is related to the walnut, which is also used for furniture making. Hickory is hard, tough and heavy
  • Pine - As with oak, different species of pine are used in making furniture. Many types of pine have a beautiful grain, are easy to work with and are relatively inexpensive

What’s usually found in a bedroom set?

A bedroom set usually comes with a bed, of course, at least one nightstand, and a dresser with a mirror. Sometimes, a set has a matching chest of drawers. Bed frame sizes include:

  • King, which takes a 76-inch-wide by 80-inch-long mattress
  • Queen, which is 60 by 80 inches
  • Full, which is 53 by 75 inches
  • Twin, which takes a 38-by-75-inch mattress
  • California king, which is 72 by 84 inches

What styles do bedroom furniture sets come in?

The bedroom furniture set can be a great many styles, but many on offer are modern or contemporary. They have clean lines and simple hardware. The headboards are often covered in quilted leather or another fabric. However, more ornate sets are often available.