Restaurant Ice Cream Machines: What to Know

Consumers love it when restaurants they are eating at have a machine that serves a delicious dessert. There's nothing better than some soft serve ice cream or frozen yogurt to cleanse the palate after a good meal. Using this piece of equipment in your restaurant gives you the option to add homemade ice cream recipes to your menu.

How does a commercial ice cream machine work?

The ice cream machines that restaurants use are more complex than your standard domestic ice cream machine. The way these contraptions work is similar to domestic kinds, though. Most machines can make yogurt and gelato as well. While the process can vary from model to model, the basics of how to work an ice cream machine using a mixture go something like this:

  • Pour the soft serve ice cream mixture, gelato mixture, or a frozen yogurt mixture into the machine.
  • Add water to the mixture. The amount of water added depends on the type of machine.
  • Stir the mixture and water until the mixture is fully dissolved. Pour the liquid into the machine.
  • Turn the machine on. It will automatically stir and freeze this mixture and make it into a delicious frozen concoction that you can get through the dispenser. Store in the freezer.
What features can ice cream makers have?

Commercial ice cream makers can come with a number of features. Some of them include:

  • Hand-Crank or Electric Mechanisms: While most commercial machines are electric, there are still large, hand-crank versions to be found for sticklers to the old ways.
  • Multiple Containers: Some will have multiple chambers to make several ice cream recipes at the same time.
  • Self-Serve: For buffet and quick-serve restaurants, self-serve ports are a great way to allow customers to help themselves.
How do you choose and ice cream machine?

The type of machine you get from eBay will depend on what kinds of frozen treats you want to make, be it soft serve ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, or hard ice cream. A lot of commercial and industrial machines can make all kinds of frozen desserts. It also depends on the type of restaurant that you are running. A fast-food restaurant that serves ice cream will need a machine that works fast so it can get the product out to the customer quickly. A restaurant that has cafeteria-style service may have a machine that the customers can use themselves. An ice cream shop that serves many different flavors of ice cream will likely want a more complex industrial ice cream machine. Gourmet restaurants may want to provide one to three fresh flavors for their menu each day.