Sofa Beds

A sofa bed can be used to complete your home decor. Whether it offers a convertible feature or is designed as a sectional, each sofa offers an added level of sophistication and comfort in your living room. In addition, your convertible sofa can quickly transform from a chair into a sleep space for guests.

What type of upholstery fabric is available?

A number of different fabric types are available to choose from. From a leather sleeper sofa to a microfiber futon, you can find a number of different fabric options.

  • Leather: Leather is a classic choice for furniture. This style of sleeper offers a sleek, comfortable addition to your living room.
  • Microfiber: A microfiber convertible sofa is stain resistant and especially durable. This comfortable fabric is also simple to clean and dust resistant.
  • Faux leather: This type of sleeper offers the same look but better durability.
  • Polyester: A polyester sectional or sleeper sofa is great for sleeping or relaxing. This type of convertible sofa has a mattress that can withstand daily use without fading. A polyester sofa bed offers a mattress that is resilient and releases water-based stains.

 Can you get a sofa in different styles?

Depending on what you want in a sofa, there are a number of choices available. A convertible sofa offers a chair for entertaining and a mattress for sleeping. You can find a sleeper sofa, a standard sofa bed, or a traditional futon. Different types of furniture can be found with convertible features, so you do not have to limit yourself to just a sofa or a chair. With a sleeper sofa, you get both worlds by having a chair and mattress in one piece of furniture.

How are a futon sofa and a sleeper sofa different?

With a futon sofa bed, the mattress is directly on the frame. You only need to open up the futon frame to create a bed. A sleeper has the same convertible feature as the futon. The main difference is that the sleeper has a bed hidden within the sofa that must be pulled out to make a sofa bed.

How many people can use the sleeper?

The number of people who can use the furniture depends on the size and style. In addition, it depends on how the futon is being used. If the futon is being used for just sitting, it will fit more people than can normally use it for sleeping. A sectional or larger sleeper may have more space for extra people. It all depends on the purpose, the type of sofa bed, and the size of the sofa.

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