How to Select the Right Small Gift Boxes

So, you purchased the perfect present, but it's so small that you don't want it to get lost in an oversized box. Small gift boxes are just the right size for many types of items, and they also have numerous other functions for which they come in handy. 

What Styles of Gift Boxes Are Available?

The word "small" can mean many things, but when it comes to traditional square gift boxes, there are a few different measurements to pick from to get just the right box for your specific needs. Most boxes come with matching lids; however, square boxes aren't the only kind of gift boxes available, as there are several ways to buy gift boxes.

  • Likely the smallest types of gift boxes, jewelry boxes that are big enough to hold a ring or another small piece of jewelry may measure a mini two inches by two inches, which is just enough space for a ring and some padding. Jewelry boxes may also be shaped like a long rectangle and hold a watch or bracelet.
  • Nesting boxes are one way to get many gift boxes of varied sizes at a time. These come in sets of anywhere from four to eight boxes that fit inside each other. Sizes may range from four by four inches to six by six-inch boxes.
  • Party favor boxes are styled differently from other types of gift boxes. They may have handles or come with an attached lid that flips up. 

What Are Some Uses for Gift Boxes?

When you think of gift boxes, you probably think of using them for presents as an alternative to a gift bag or wrapping paper, perhaps. In reality, there are numerous things that you can do with a small box beyond using it for gifts.

  • Many people use gift boxes as favor boxes for their weddings. Since there are so many box colors and styles to pick from, a small laser-cut or embellished box is just the right size for a candle or other types of wedding keepsakes for attendees to take home.
  • Small gift boxes make effective packaging options as candy or cupcake boxes. These work for kids' parties, company events, or holiday gatherings to pass out to friends and neighbors. A cute red box filled with Valentine's candy is also an inexpensive present for teachers or friends.

Which Colors and Designs Are Available?

One of the most enjoyable parts of picking little boxes is choosing colors and designs. No longer are there just white gift boxes to pick from, because a gift box can be just as enjoyable as the gift inside is.

  • Kraft boxes are versatile because you can embellish them to reflect your own needs, such as adding stickers or stamps. These brown gift boxes are generally made of cardboard. They come in many styles and have a shabby chic look.
  • Solid-colored gift boxes vary widely, from plain white to bright red, yellow, purple, and green. There are even metallic boxes that are shimmering gold or silver shades.