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Sigma Camera Lenses for Nikon

Shooting analog or digital film can be a worthwhile hobby. Choosing the right type of lens to work with your cameras is important when you’re looking for the right setup and lighting. Sigma Hyper Sonic Motor (HSM) lenses can be a good option for those who want flexibility in where they can shoot.

What Sigma lenses are available for Nikon bodies?

The Sigma brand produces a wide range of lenses for Nikon camera bodies. The lens you choose will be determined by the type of photograph you want to take.

  • DSLR: Sigma offers wide angle lenses to mount on DSLR full frame cameras. These types also come with autofocus.
  • Macro: You can also find a number of Sigma crop body options for a macro lens version. These macro types provide a zoom range of 26 - 105mm. The macro also provides a range of shooting options depending on the speed and movement of the subject.
  • DC HSM: The Sigma 18-35mm focal length DC HSM lens is suited to street and travel photography.
  • EX DG HSM: The 24-70mm focal length EX DG HSM is designed for SLR cameras. It utilizes molded glass and multiple coatings of a chemical that can help reduce ghosting and flares.
How do you attach a Sigma lens to a Nikon?

Most Nikon cameras have the same process of attaching the lens to the body. The key is to understand how the mechanism works and make sure it is attached before taking it out to shoot. Keep these points in mind when attaching the lens:

  • Be aware of the shift in weight distribution when attaching larger lenses to a Nikon body, such as a telephoto. A telephoto has all the weight is on the front instead of being balanced between the body and the zoom lens. Because of this, many photographers choose to use a tripod to mount larger systems.
  • Whether you use a macro, HSM, telephoto, DG, OS, or other zoom lens, it is important to keep the lens protected with a cap when not in use.
  • Line up the white dot on the lens with the white dot on the body of the camera and rotate the lens onto the body until there is a clicking sound. That sound means the lens has attached itself to the body of the camera.
How do you properly clean and store your Sigma lenses?

An EX DG zoom for a DSLR or analog film body should be detached from the body to be properly stored. A simple padded bag can hold both the Nikon body and a range of autofocus DG lenses. While shooting, many photographers will also have either a cap for their Sigma or a filter to cover the glass on their HSM, EX DG, or DG. Once detached from the Nikon body, you can clean your HSM with a soft cloth to remove any water or dust on the glass.

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