Seirus Innovation Men's Gloves and Mittens

Seirus designs gloves and mittens enhanced with Seirus Innovation technology. This technology ranges from special insulating materials to battery-powered heating. Seirus Innovation men's gloves and mittens are available in a variety of styles to suit the outdoor activities of your choice.

What types of men's gloves does Seirus offer?
  • Heat Touch: These rechargeable heated gloves and mittens are designed to get warm at the touch of a button. Once fully warmed up, they offer up to six hours of heat. Your hands can stay warm and cozy regardless of outdoor temps or your activity level. These are a good choice for ice-fishing or standing around watching kids play in the snow.
  • Heatwave: Heatwave gloves increase heat thanks to features such as thermodynamic lining, hollow-core insulation, and amplified heating properties.
  • Solarsphere: The gloves in the Solarsphere line use solar power to keep your hands warm on cold days.
  • GoreTex: Seirus' GoreTex gloves are designed to keep your hands dry regardless of the weather conditions. These gloves use special GoreTex material as an insert, which is a layered, waterproof fabric that keeps water droplets from passing through to your skin.
  • Windstopper: The brand's Windstopper gloves are designed to prevent harsh air gusts from reaching your skin, even during extreme wind conditions.
  • Classic: The brand's assortment of classic gloves are constructed from leather and feature HeatLock technology, which is designed to help the gloves keep your hands warm.
  • All weather: Seirus's all-weather gloves are ultralight, formfitting, and appropriate for wear during all types of sports and activities.
  • Wrist protection: Seirus' wrist-protection styles are equipped with polymer palm-and-wrist supports to help you keep your wrists covered and supported.
What are Seirus gloves made of?

The styles of Sierus gloves and mittens are made from a variety of materials to ensure comfort and warmth:

  • Outer shell: The gloves' outer shells are typically constructed from materials like leather and GoreTex.
  • Insulation: Materials such as fleece and the brand's HeatLock hollow-core insulation keep heat inside the gloves and mittens.
  • Insert: Some styles have GoreTex inserts for extra warmth and water-resistance.
What other Seirus Innovation features do these gloves have?

Seirus Innovation offers gloves with the following features:

  • Soundtouch technology: Some of these styles are equipped with Soundtouch, which enables you to comfortably use touch screens while you're wearing these gloves.
  • One-handed cinch: This feature enables you to control the wrist-and-cuff cinch with one hand.
  • Wicking inner lining: Some of the styles have wicking inner linings, which allow the skin to breathe.
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