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Get Into Gear With a Santa Cruz Mountain Bike

Mountain biking can be a great form of exercise. It can take you to places off the beaten path while you get in your cardio. The popular Santa Cruz bicycles include a number of different styles, and eBay has a wide selection of available to compare.

What are the different sizes of mountain bikes?

Mountain bikes come in various sizes to accommodate different heights. These types of bikes are either measured in inches or centimeters. The distance that people usually refer to when talking about frame size is the distance of the seat tube. That tube runs from the crank (where the pedals are attached) to the horizontal tube that runs along the top of the bike.

Frames are usually 15 inches, 17 inches, 19 inches, or 21 inches. Additional adjustments to the height of the seat can be made using adjustable seat tubes, which come standard on most bicycles.

What does hardtail mean?

Hardtail mountain bikes only have front shocks. This is in contrast to full-suspension bikes, which have shocks in both the front and the rear.

Some riders prefer to only have front shocks if they tend to stick to relatively smooth, gentle terrain. Hardtails are typically lighter than full suspension bikes.

What are the frames made out of?

Mountain bike frames could be made out of:

  • Aluminum alloy: Aluminum mixed with other materials results in a lightweight and strong substance. This alloy can be molded into various shapes, giving manufacturers flexibility in terms of frame structure.
  • Carbon: A carbon frame can be lighter than an aluminum alloy one. Carbon is very stiff, providing the rigidity that some riders prefer.

A bike like the Nomad can come in either aluminum or carbon, while some only come with a particular frame material.

How does tire size affect a ride?

Tires for Santa Cruz bicycles come in different diameters and widths. In general, wider tires offer more traction. They may be more ideal on rugged terrain or for beginners out on the trail. The trade-off is that they can be less agile.

Tires can be 26 inches, 27.5 inches, or 29 inches in diameter. Most new and used bicycles have wheel sets that are designed to work with a certain diameter. Twenty-nine-inch tires, like those on the Hightower, can be quite fast, which are ideal for larger and more advanced riders.

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