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Everything You Should Know Before Using Your Samsung Smartphone Parts for Galaxy S5

Whether you want to talk to the people in your life, find useful information or entertain yourself, a device of this kind can give you access to the digital world. Samsung, one of the largest companies manufacturing electronics in the world, has been producing these devices since they were introduced to the general public. Since it came out in 2014, Samsungs Galaxy S5 smartphone has been acquired by thousands of people across the world.

How can you disassemble a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone?

Before attempting to replace any parts of your Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, you need to know how to take the device apart. To do so, you will need a hair dryer, a small screwdriver, a plastic spudger, a suction cup tool, a case-opening tool, and a pair of tweezers. Once you have the proper tools at your disposal, follow these steps:

  • Remove the GS5 battery door and the Galaxy battery.
  • Remove the cover that protects the connector.
  • Disconnect the Galaxy S5s home button connector.
  • Use the hair dryer to heat up the Galaxy S5s screen.
  • Pry the screen up using the plastic spudger. Wedge several case-opening tools around the side.
  • Disconnect the flex cable connecting the LCD screen and digitizer to the motherboard.
  • Separate the screen assembly from the rear housing. To do this, you will need to carefully detach the Bracket Cu tape.
  • Unscrew the 10 screws that hold the middle and rear frames of the device.
  • Unscrew the three screws at the back of the device.
  • Take out the rear frame out of the devices middle frame.
What is the difference between glass, digitizer, and LCD parts?

Anyone attempting to replace or repair the screen of their Samsung phone will learn that it has three main components. They are the following:

  • Glass: The outermost layer of the screen is made of glass. It is less than 1 mm in thickness, and it protects the other layers from external elements.
  • Digitizer: Located under the glass layer, the digitizer provides the electrical force that reacts to your touch, providing data input to the devices center. If your device is not responding to touch, it is likely due to a problem with its digitizer.
  • LCD: An acronym for liquid crystal display, the LCD provides the signals that create the visual display on the screen. If there are problems with the display of your device, it is likely that it is due to damage to its LCD component.
How can you remove the SIM card?

To replace or check a SIM card, you will need to remove it. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Take out the backplate.
  • Take out the battery. You will see the SIM card under the SD card slot.
  • Gently pressing down on the visible end of the SIM card, slide it out of the SD card slot.
  • Put the battery back in its place.
  • Replace the backplate
  • Turn the device back on.
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