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Samsung Refrigerator & Freezer Parts

Samsung Refrigerator and Freezer Parts and Accessories

In addition to refrigerators and freezers, Samsung also makes replacement parts and accessories in case a repair is needed. Samsung refrigerator and freezer replacement parts and accessories include ice makers, compressors, refrigerator springs, temperature sensors, water filters, and evaporators to name a few.

What is the function of a temperature sensor?

Each Samsung appliance is equipped with a temperature sensor that turns the unit off when its thermal setting is reached. To ensure that the temperature sensor is running efficiently, the outer and inner surfaces of the appliances should be periodically cleaned, including the gaskets around the door. If the appliance runs continuously, this could indicate an issue with the temperature sensor.

How do you know if the ice maker needs replaced?

As a mechanical part that works continuously, the ice maker is likely to need replacement long before the refrigerator itself. No ice is an obvious sign that the ice maker needs to be replaced. Other signs that an ice maker may need replacement include flooding of the ice tray, leakage, and ice cubes that are not completely frozen. Before replacing the entire unit, be sure to check the water inlet valve, water line, and fan.

Does a full freezer increase the efficiency of the appliance?

The freezer works more efficiently and uses less energy when itu001as fully packed. The frozen items keep the other items cold and retain the cool temperatures throughout the entire unit. The empty space in the appliance can be compensated with extra ice bags to maintain the desired climate.

Is the garage appropriate for Samsung refrigerators?

Depending on the region, the Samsung refrigerator can be placed in a garage. The floor should be kept dry and free of debris to allow the clean air to flow freely around the unit. The temperature the refrigerator is sitting in should not fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit as it may lead to thickening of the oil in the compressor. If the temperatures fall below 35 degrees F, some units may stop working, and substantial part damage may occur.

Why do Samsung water filters have to be replaced?

As with all refrigerators, Samsung refrigerator water filters have to be periodically changed. Some models include an indicator light that lets you know when the water filter has to be replaced. This practice promotes clarity of water and proper removal of contaminants that regular tap water may contain. Most filters remove trace pharmaceuticals, lead, mercury, and chlorine, among several other substances.

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