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Samsung Dome Home Security Cameras

Everything You Need to Know About Samsung Dome Home Security Cameras

Security cameras allow you to monitor your property or house for human or animal activity at night or while youre at work, on vacation, or just out running errands. Samsung home security cameras are available with a range of features. These home security monitoring devices offer different resolution, viewing, and connectivity options for you to choose depending on your needs.

What are the connectivity options for Samsung security cameras?

The connectivity options for these cameras include:

  • CCTV wired: This connectivity for dome cameras uses closed-circuit television through wires.
  • CCTV wireless: This option for monitoring the security of your house uses closed-circuit television through a Wi-Fi or other wireless connection.
  • IP/Network wired: This refers to internet protocol and networking over a wired connection.
  • IP/Network wireless: This is internet protocol and networking over a wireless connection.
What are some of the features of Samsung dome cameras?
  • Audio recording: These security cameras with audio recording capability can record the sounds at all times or when there is motion detected within a specific range of the camera.
  • Infrared and night vision: This feature uses infrared light or heat in order to show images through the dome camera and on the monitor of your choice.
  • Pan and tilt: The cameras may be able to tilt up and down by 180 degrees and to pan across a range of up to 360 degrees. The security system can be set up to do this at specified intervals or when motion is detected.
  • Varifocal zoom: The cameras can zoom in or out if motion is detected.
What are the available resolution levels for Samsung security cameras?

Resolution refers to the clarity and crispness of the image. The available options include:

  • High definition: High definition is available at 720 to 1,080 megapixels.
  • Standard: The range for standard viewing is 3 to 5 megapixels.
  • Television line measurement: Some of the products use a clarity measured in television lines or TVLs. This refers to the vertical lines across the lens. The systems are available in 600 and 700 TVL.
What are the home security applications of a Samsung camera?
  • Indoor: These domes can be used for conducting surveillance inside of a specific room or area of a home.
  • Outdoor: The outdoor security cameras are made to cope with variable moisture, temperature, light, and wind conditions. They are also for surveillance of a defined area.
  • Multi-functional: Some of these home security domes can be used for indoor and outdoor spaces or combination spaces such as a porch or covered walkway.
What are the color modes for a Samsung camera?

There are several color modes for viewing the images captured by the video cameras. The color mode is typically used for daytime viewing conditions. This mode shows the full spectrum of visible light. Black and white mode is usually used for night. Another option for nighttime viewing is IR, or infrared. This contrasts areas with heat to areas with less heat in order to produce a visible image on a monitor.

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