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STX Lacrosse Sticks

The type of lacrosse stick you use can make or break a game. STX designs lacrosse sticks for players of all levels and positions. The brand's sticks are equipped with unique technologies that enhance grip, speed, and more.

What lacrosse stick options does STX offer?

The company offers complete sticks that come with the head and shaft already attached. However, STX makes heads and shafts that can be purchased separately. This allows users to individualize their lacrosse equipment. Lacrosse sticks are available for both men, women, and children of all ages.

What complete stick options does STX offer?

The brand make complete sticks suitable for every player type, including attack, midfield, face-off, defense, and goalies. Most of these are made for players in the beginning and intermediate range of skill. Options include:

  • Goalie sticks: These sticks are optimal for beginner players. Shields and mid-low pockets combine to create effective equipment for intro players.
  • Midfield sticks: Midfield sticks are designed for offensive players. They're sturdy but lightweight, and dual-brace sidewall construction allows for rugged play.
  • Attack sticks: These entry-level attack sticks are often made of softer materials, which provides a more forgiving response. They also promote ball control via features like a classic scoop shape and middle pockets.
  • Face-off sticks: These sticks are designed to help people new to lacrosse learn the fundamentals. They're equipped with classic features and soft mesh stringing to enhance performance.
What types of lacrosse heads does STX make?

While the brand's complete sticks are mostly made for beginner players, the heads run the gamut from introductory to elite. Several different lines are available, including:

  • Surgeon: The Surgeon line of lacrosse heads allows users to string extremely tight channels, providing excellent pocket control and ball retention.
  • Stallion: Stallion heads are equipped with many performance features like durable memory mesh, a balanced pinch and catching area, and an innovative throat design.
  • Hammer: These hammer options are built for speedy ground play. A three-strut design and optimal pinch enhance-pass control, ball deflection, and more.
  • Shield: Shield options are designed for goalies. They're simultaneously stiff and lightweight, and they provide users with protection when they're facing off against hard shooters.
  • Power: Power styles are ideal for strategic players. These have the great ball feel, multiple string options, and snap needed for professional-caliber performance.
What technologies do STX lacrosse sticks feature?

When making men's and women's lacrosse sticks, STX utilizes state-of-the-art technologies that bolster lacrosse performance, including:

  • EnduraFoam: Many of these lacrosse sticks are constructed out of EnduraFoam, a long-lasting material that is stiff in warm climates and able to withstand cold temperatures.
  • C-Channel: This technology imbues each lacrosse stick with added strength, which optimizes checking and ground balls.
  • Speed Scoop: Quick ground play is an essential part of any player's arsenal. Speed Scoop reduces drag, which gives players the speed they need to win.
  • Channel Lock: This feature allows players to keep their pocket channel locked and loaded, enhancing accuracy.