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Choosing DVD Language Software

Providing an immersive way to learn foreign languages, Rosetta Stone offers numerous methods to help you learn a language from scratch or brush up when you're a little rusty and you need to sharpen your speaking skills before a vacation or business trip. You'll want to keep a few things in mind, however, as you shop for software to help you expand your linguistic skills.

What Are Some of the Languages Offered?

Rosetta Stone makes it frustration-free to learn a new language with its CD and DVD software programs, even when it's a language that might seem complex, like Chinese.

  • Learning French by using software can be less difficult than taking a class, and it's from the comfort of your own computer. Users can buy language-learning software at various levels, so you can start French from Level 1 when you're a beginner and progress up to Level 5, which is considered fluency.
  • Spanish is another language-learning option. The brand offers software bundles that combine the disc along with a book for intensive learning. With these versions, learning a language is less work because the brand builds on your language skills progressively, so you're adding onto what you learn at each level before you move to the next.
  • Italian is a very different language from English, so learning it can seem intimidating, but it doesn't have to be when you have the right teaching equipment at your disposal.

How Do You Select the Right Software?

Before purchasing language-learning software, there are a few things that you need to consider in order to purchase the right type for your computer and for your specific needs.

  • First, you need to ensure that you're getting the right CD-ROM for your particular operating system, such as whether you have a Windows PC or a Mac computer so it's compatible with your system.
  • Next, you'll select the type of software you'd like. The brand offers different types that range from learning versions meant for individuals to educational or professionally licensed software.
  • Some formats come with not only a physical copy of lessons but also with a digital download to give you more portability when it comes to taking your language lessons on the go.

What Are Some Features of Language Software?

There's nothing basic about learning a new language with the aid of this company, and there are numerous reasons you may find language-learning software even more appealing and less intimidating.

  • Not only can you learn how to speak the language and develop conversational skills, but you can also use the brand's TruACCENT technology to ensure that your pronunciation is correct.
  • A companion phrasebook is full of commonly-used sayings and phrases that you can grab at a moment's notice, which works well when you're traveling and just need to say a quick "thank you," "you're welcome," or ask a basic question.
  • A digital download ensures you can install your language lessons across multiple platforms, allowing you to access them from other devices and learn on the go.

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