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Red Wing Shoes Work and Safety Boots for Men

Red Wing Shoe Company manufactures and sells work and safety boots for men in a number of styles and materials. The company also manufactured shoes for soldiers during both world wars, so it has experience making tough shoes and boots.

What are steel-toe boots?

Steel-toe boots are also known as safety work boots. These boots may protect the foot and toes from falling items and other workplace dangers. As the name suggests, the interior of the boot is reinforced with steel. Often times, steel-toe boots also include a steel plate embedded in the sole of the boot. This may provide extra protection against punctures from below and can offer more protection against foot compression.

What are composite-toe and steel-toe boots?

Like steel-toe boots, composite-toe work boots function to protect the foot from accidental damage. This type of toe protection, however, does not include any metal materials. Composite-toe boots may contain plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber, or Kevlar. This can make the boot lighter, but it also may allow you to pass through work-related metal detectors, and it may be warmer when working in sub-zero temperatures.

Are Red Wing work boots insulated?

Red Wing makes work boot models with varying levels of insulation, but not all Red Wing shoes include this feature. Insulated Red Wing work footwear contains patented Thinsulate material that is both warm and lightweight. Thinsulate levels range from 200 grams at the lightest to 800 grams for working in colder conditions.

Are Red Wing work boots waterproof?

Many Red Wing work boots contain water-protective features. This is done by including a three-layer waterproof membrane that can provide cushioning, breathability, and moisture protection. Some Red Wing shoe styles are constructed of waterproof polyurethane material that may provide protection against water and corrosive materials.

How do you clean Red Wing leather footwear?

To keep your footwear functioning, you should keep your work boots free from dirt and other impurities. To do this, perform the following steps regularly:

  • Remove the laces, and clean them with warm, soapy water.
  • For light cleaning, use warm water and a soft brush to remove small amounts of debris. Wipe the leather with a clean, soft cloth to ensure all debris has been removed.
  • When doing a more thorough cleaning, use a clean, dry cloth to apply leather cleaner to the shoe.
  • Wipe the cleaner from the leather with another clean cloth, and allow the shoes to sit until they are completely dry.
  • Use a leather conditioner to extend the life of your footwear. You may apply this with just your fingers or with a soft cloth.
  • Apply leather protector to the outside of your boots to further protect the finish. This may provide protection from water and other debris and may preserve the life of your shoes.