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Randall Made Knives - Custom Made by Hand

In the 1930s, Walter Doane Randall, Jr., known to friends and family as "Bo," made his first knife from an automotive leaf spring. By the year 1938, he had established his own company to craft custom-designed knives for sportsmen. Today, the Randall family carries on the tradition of handcrafting custom-designed knives.

What types of knives does Randall make?

The Randall company displays the phrase "knives for every purpose" at the top of their website. The assortment of knives they offer really does cover just about any need. You can find the following types of Randall Made knives on eBay:

  • Bowie knives: Variants of the original model created by Jim Bowie
  • Fighting knives: Specifically designed for use by the military in World War II
  • Hunting/fishing and outdoor knives: For the cleaning of game, fish, birds, and waterfowl as well as performing general camp work
  • Diving knives: Specially designed to resist the corrosion of saltwater
  • Astro: Specially designed for use by the Apollo astronauts
  • Carving knives: Used for woodworking
  • Utility knives: For a variety of general-purpose uses
What types of steel are used in making Randall knives?

The tools found in the Randall Made knives catalog have blades that are made from one of two types of steel:

  • Carbon steel: Also known as basic steel or tool steel, it's made of iron with a high carbon content, which gives blades added strength and durability. It is relatively easy to sharpen and holds an edge well.
  • Stainless steel: Also known as chrome steel, stainless steel is an alloy of iron, chromium, and vanadium. The added chromium forms a protective layer to resist corrosion and staining with the rare metal vanadium added for blade flexibility.
What materials are used to make the handles?

Materials used to construct the handles of Randall Made knives include the following:

  • Walnut: A type of American hardwood
  • Thuya burl: A type of extremely dense African hardwood
  • Ivorite: A synthetic material that's designed to resemble ivory
  • Micarta: An extremely dense composite of fabric and phenolic resin
  • Stag: A type of antler material
  • Leather: Various types of treated animal hide
  • Metal: A variety of metals including steel, cooper, and brass.
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