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Rainbow Sandals and Flip Flops for Men

Everyone should have at least one quality pair of sandals. Since 1972, Rainbow Sandals has been creating sandals and flip flops from leather, hemp, rubber, and other materials. These hand-crafted sandals utilize a specific glue to keep the straps in place and the layers together.

Do the Rainbow Sandals products run true to size?

The size range for these summer shoes spans from 7.5 to 15 for men. While it is expected that the leather used on the strap of these Rainbow shoes may loosen or relax slightly over time with regular wear, these sandals and other types of summer shoes do run true to size.

What materials are used to make the Rainbow footwear products?

Leather is used to create the straps of each pair of sandals or flip-flops made by Rainbow Sandals. The leather straps are kept together by a bonded nylon thread with double stitching, and they are connected to a rubber sole by a nylon toe piece. This sole is made out of spongy rubber that is designed to mold to your feet and is kept together with the non-slip rubber bottom by three layers of glue. There are also other men's sandals from the Rainbow brand that use hemp for the straps.

What are some of the styles of Rainbow sandals available?

Rainbow sandals for men come with different looks in a few colors to suit a variety of activities. Some of them are described below so you can know your options:

  • Navigator: This leather shoe with single layer arch support has an orthopedic footbed that features a serrated bottom designed to help provide additional support and grip.
  • Strands: Rainbow created this style that features woven leather straps.
  • East Cape: Featuring a molded rubber sole, this shoe also has a natural suede outer strap that is also lined with neoprene. The sandal's bottom is made from gum rubber.
  • Sierra: This Rainbow style has a double-layer memory foam sole that is designed to provide appropriate support for those with a higher arch. The sandal is made from the company's usual leather material and features the woven rainbow on the toe piece that is a signature of this company's design.
What colors do men's Rainbow sandals come in?

Rainbow offers sandals in the following colors for men:

  • Black
  • Tan
  • Espresso
  • Sand
  • Gray
  • Mocha
  • Dark brown
  • Tan and blue
How do you clean Rainbow sandals?

Use a clean cloth to rub them down. If there is a lot of dirt and debris, mix a bit of mild dish soap in some water and dip a cloth into the solution and wring out the cloth. Then, spot clean as necessary or wipe the sandals down with the cloth.

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