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Psycho Bunny Underwear for Men

Psycho Bunny is an apparel line for men whose focus is on redefining classic garments with a more modern fit, cut, and comfortable fabrics. The Psycho Bunny brand offers many comfortable materials and unique patterns. Underwear for men is available in a wide variety of styles, fabrics, and patterns to suit any activity and taste preference.

What types of fabrics are available?

The brand uses 100% soft stretch cotton in many of its garments. In some styles, like the boxer brief, super fine cotton is blended with Spandex for added stretch and movement. The Luxe Boxer is created with combed cotton for comfort and softness. Color options range from the traditional white and black to red, peacoat, heather grey, cascade, purple, and much more.

How many different styles of underwear are available?

The brand provides three of the most common men's boxers and trunks. Its range includes boxers with a classic fit, boxer briefs, and trunks. Some of its styles are available in a knit cotton fabric if you prefer a more fitted look.

What's the difference between boxers and boxer briefs?

Boxers are typically loose-fitting and airy, making them comfortable for daily wear and even as pajamas. Boxer briefs are more fitted and hug the body. They're a combination between the look of boxers but the fit of briefs. Some men prefer this option for wear with pants that are also fitted, such as skinny jeans. Boxer briefs are also ideal for athletes.

What is the Tech Trunk?

Trunks are just another type of underwear this brand offers. They fit similarly to shorts in that they're loose, and they're tagless for added comfort. Trunk underwear, including the Tech Trunk, offer more coverage than a brief, and they have an elastic waistband. This type of underwear is made from a nylon and Spandex blend that offers stretch along with comfort. They come in colors like grey, red, black, and white.

What kinds of patterns are used?

Men's underwear features many classic pattern styles, such as stripes, herringbone, and honeycomb, in addition to coming in solid colors. The brand produces its own signature bunny print as well as other unique patterns geared toward young adults and eccentric fashion enthusiasts. Some of the most popular choices for underwear include:

  • Geometric prints
  • Pyramid pattern
  • Wave effect
  • Diamond print
  • Plaid
  • Neon colors with bunny-printed waistband
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