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Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Suits

There are times when a situation calls for wearing a suit. Polo Ralph Lauren makes men’s suits in a variety of styles. They're designed to fit men of different sizes and may be appropriate for several settings.

What styles of suits are there?

There are a number versions of suits from which to choose. You can look for one according to your preference and comfort style. Here are some things to consider:

  • Single- or double-breasted: A single-breasted jacket is symmetrical. It has two halves that button together in front. There could be anywhere from one to four buttons on these styles, running down the front of the jacket. A double-breasted suit jacket has four, six, or eight buttons aligned in two rows. There is extra fabric on one side of the jacket that is pulled over, past the midline, when buttoning it up.
  • Number of buttons: Single-breasted jackets with one button are very formal. This is often the case in tuxedo jackets. On the other end, three- and four-button single-breasted jackets can work well with taller men.
  • Silhouette: A shapeless jacket, also called a sack jacket, hangs on the body and has narrow shoulders. A structured silhouette suit jacket has padded shoulders. The fabric cuts in as it proceeds from the wide shoulders to the trim waist. A fitted silhouette jacket presents a more tailored look. There is minimal padding in the shoulders and higher armholes.
  • Lapels: A notch lapel is a prevalent type. Where the lapel hits the bottom of the collar, a small notch is cut out. A peak lapel is considered more formal. Instead of a simple notch, there is a V-shape with one corner pointed towards the corners. Shawl lapels have no breaks or notches. They're often used on tuxedos and jackets suitable for black-tie affairs.
What materials are used to craft formal garments?

Different materials are utilized according to specific formal garment design. You could have a suit made out of:

  • Wool
  • Cupro
  • Linen
  • Viscose
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Silk

Additionally, you may also find blends of these materials. For example, wool-elastane is another option for suits.

What sizes do these suits come in?

Most formal garments are available in United States men’s sizes 36 through 52, although some styles may be available in larger or smaller sizes. Tailoring is also an option to customize sizes. Pants typically come unhemmed but can be shortened to fit. Similarly, jacket sleeves can be taken up and jackets altered to reduce the size and customize the fit.

How do you care for a men's suit?

Men's suit garments should be dry cleaned rather than machine washed. Washing or drying the fabric can result in damage and shrinking and could render the garment is unwearable. Cashmere is especially delicate and requires hand-washing in cool water. After that, it should be laid out to air dry.

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