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Polaris Complete Snowmobile Engines

Polaris snowmobiles have been a household name for decades. Their snowmobiles and engines offer performance, quality, and durability. Polaris produces a wide variety of engines for snowmobiles that can be purchased complete and ready to install.

How do a snowmobile and its engine work?

The snowmobile is a recreational vehicle that is designed to be used on snow and ice for winter traveling. It does not need a trail or road, and it is used for recreational purposes, hunting, and sports. The snowmobile is designed with skis at the front for directional control and a continuous track at the rear. It is powered by a motor, which is usually an internal combustion engine.

The engine in a snowmobile creates power and sends it through the vehicle’s driveshaft. The drive shaft rotates the track drive, which then rotates the tracks of the snowmobile. With every rotation of the track, the snowmobile moves. The faster the motor operates, the faster the vehicle moves.

What kinds of snowmobile engines are there?

Contemporary snowmobile engines are either two- or four-stroke internal combustion engines. Two-strokes are smaller, lighter, and produce less power than four-strokes. Four-stroke engines are heavier but produce more power. Sizes typically range between 400-800 cc, but it is not uncommon to find some 1,000-cc engines as well. The larger the size, the more horsepower the engine produces. Smaller motors can produce around 115 horsepower, while larger ones can produce more than 180 horsepower.

What is Polaris?

Polaris Industries manufactures neighborhood electric vehicles, ATVs, and snowmobiles. They are well-known for their “twin 700” Polaris snowmobiles, also known as the “Liberty” line. Polaris snowmobiles are used all over the world, and the company even manufactures a wide array of complete snowmobile engines, vehicle parts, and engine parts.

What kinds of complete engines does Polaris offer?

Polaris produces many types of complete engines for Polaris snowmobiles beginning with a model date of 1983. These complete Polaris motors come ready to install and offer different capabilities. Many early models use the Liberty line of motors featuring a 700 cc engine. While there are different variations within these categories, Polaris focuses on offering the following three contemporary motor types:

  • 550: This 550-cc engine is a traditional two-stroke that’s lightweight and designed for cruising the trails.
  • 600: The 600-cc is a liquid-cooled two-stroke that features quick throttle reaction and acceleration.
  • 800: The 800-cc category is loaded with variations of the classic 700 cc. It’s a two-stroke, liquid-cooled engine that features class-leading acceleration and dependability.