Pewter Wine Glass Charms

Pewter Wine Glass Charms

Wine glass charms are a fun, stylish way to dress up your wine glasses. Both functional and attractive, wine charms are great for a party at home or to give as a gift. They are usually made from silver-tone metal and possibly dressed up with beads to allow each wine glass to be easily identified.

What are wine glass charms?

Wine charms are jewelry for your wine glass. The charms are small, dangling figures strung on thin wire. They are designed to fit around the stems of wine glasses as markers, so guests can identify their own glass. Most have a single charm and some also have beads strung on the wire.

How do you use wine glass charms?

Wine charms are easy to use. You simply pull the wire ring open and slip it around the bottom of the wine glass stem. The charms can be used on any stemmed glassware, including champagne glasses and martini glasses. Wine charms often come in a set. Some sets are all the same design in different colors and some have a unique design for each charm.

What are the advantages of wine glass charms?

Wine charms enable your party guests to keep track of their drinks. All your guests have to do is remember the charm they have. They can set their drink down for a moment and not forget which glass is theirs.

What is pewter?

This silver-colored metal is an alloy commonly used in wine charms. It is mostly tin but it has other materials blended into it to make it harder. These other materials may be copper, bismuth, or antimony. It is rustproof and corrosion-resistant.

What styles of pewter wine glass charms are available?

Most wine glass charms are offered as themed sets, usually with six charms per set. They may reflect special occasions, personal interests, or general themes. Some sets are painted.

Here are a few examples of themes:

  • Barware: Charm designs may include tiny cocktail shakers, martini glasses, bottles, and corkscrews.
  • Travel: Ships, cameras, airplanes, and luggage charms make a great gift for the wine-loving traveler.
  • Nature: There are many wine charms that reflect the natural world. Insect themes feature dragonflies and bees, while ocean-themed sets have seahorses and anchors. You can also find maple leaf charms in six different colors for a fall get-together.
  • Grapes: Grape wine charms are featured in many sets. Some are silver-tone and some have cutely painted purple grapes with green leaves.
  • Special interests: If you love golf or bird-watching, you can find a set of wine charms to display those interests. Dog lovers, shoe fanatics, and hikers can all find charms to reflect their passions.
  • Special occasions: Wedding-themed wine glass charms are fun for bridal showers and rehearsal dinners. Birthday sets with cake and gifts can be saved for that special party every year.