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Outdoor Edge Hunting Knife Set

Outdoor Edge Hunting Knife Set

Outdoor Edge produces a number of different knives and tools. You can find an Outdoor Edge hunting knife set as well as individual knives. They produce knives for outdoor uses, including hunting and fishing as well as knives for everyday carry.

What is a hunting knife?

The term hunting knife is arbitrarily applied to everything from a large camp knife used for chopping firewood to a survival knife that can be attached to a branch and made into a spear to a small knife used to clean fish and small animals.

What kind of steel is used in Outdoor Edge blades?

Outdoor Edge utilizes a variety of steels in their knives, including AU-8, 420J2, 440A, and 8Cr13MoV. All knife blades are vacuum heat treated to a Rockwell-C hardness of between 57 to 58.

How many kinds of Outdoor Edge knives are there?

Outdoor Edge knives are split between fixed blade knives and folding knives. They include camp knives for general use, survival knives, and butchering and processing knives. In addition to individual knives, Outdoor Edge combo kits are sold for purposes such as field dressing, cleaning, and butchering.

What kind of Outdoor Edge blade designs are there?

There are four main Outdoor Edge blade designs.

  • The Outdoor Edge clip point spine reaches two-thirds of the length of the blade, then tapers to a point. A good example of a clip point is the Bowie knife.
  • The Outdoor Edge drop point is below the blade spine but above the mid-line. The drop point is typically used for dressing out small game.
  • The appearance of the Outdoor Edge spear point is a lot like that of the drop point but to the point along the center of the blade.
  • The Outdoor Edge trail point has a high point above the spine and extends the edge of the blade. These knives are usually used for skinning game.
  • The Outdoor Edge roach belly point is also used for skinning game and resembles both the trail point and the clip point.
How should Outdoor Edge knives be cared for?
  • After use, wash the knife gently using warm water, a mild dish detergent, and a sponge or soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive metal like scouring pads.
  • The inside of a folding knife can be blown clean using cold air.
  • Keep a thin layer of a food-based lubricant like cooking oil on the blade to help protect it from the elements.
  • Make sure both the knife and the sheath are completely dry before putting the knife away.
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