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A Guide to Oris Watches

Whether you're a collector of fine Swiss watches or just need a reliable timekeeping device, check out the selection of Oris watches on eBay. Paul Cattin and Georges Christian founded Oris in 1904. They named it for a small brook near Hölstein, Switzerland. Like many Swiss watchmakers, Oris built its reputation on its precision mechanical watches. While Oris did make quartz watches for a short period of time, they currently only make mechanical time-keepers.

What was Oris' first automatic watch?

Oris first produced an automatic watch in 1952. The mechanism was named the Calibre 601.

When did Oris make its first chronometer?

A chronometer is a certification that a device meets exacting specifications for timekeeping. Oris received certification from the Observatoire Astronomique et Chronométrique for its first chronometer in 1968 for the Caliber 652.

Often confused as the same thing, a chronograph is a watch that features a built-in stopwatch. The Chronoris, Oris' first chronograph, debuted in 1970.

Does Oris make diver watches?

Oris produced its first diver watch back in 1965. It carried a water-resistant rating of 100 meters. The dial featured oversized, luminous numerals, and it had a rotating bezel to mark your time underwater.

In 2013, Oris created the industry-first depth gauge in a wristwatch. Dubbed the Aquis depth gage, this patented technology measures depth in a circular channel that surrounds the dial.

Oris now has several collections of diving watches. The diving collections include Oris Divers, Oris Aquis, and Oris ProDiver.

Oris recreated the vintage aesthetics of the original 1965 diver watch in the Oris Divers collection. Of course, the watches have been updated with Oris' state-of-the-art technology. The first watch in the Oris' Divers collection was the Carlos Coste Limited Edition Chronograph, which was produced in 2006. Below are several other lines in the Oris Divers collection:

  • Oris Sixty-Five - This watch is available with a 40- or 42-millimeter case.
  • Oris Sixty-Five Chronograph - With a 43-millimeter stainless-steel case, this watch has an automatic winding chronograph.
  • Oris X Momotaro - Oris partnered with Momotaro, a Japanese denim manufacturer, to create a watch with a denim band.
  • Oris Holstein Edition 2020 - The 43-millimeter case is made entirely of bronze. The Holstein Edition is limited to 250 watches.
  • Oris Movember Edition - This 40-millimeter watch is the official watch for the Movember Foundation.
Does Oris make watches for women?

While Oris does not designate men's and women's watches, several models are considered women's watches. These include:

  • Oris Aquis Date Diamonds - Diamonds refers to this collection of 36.5-millimeter watches. You'll find them in a number of styles, including those with diamonds on the case.
  • Oris Arterlier Grande Lune Date - This 36-millimeter watch features the moon phase prominently on the dial.
  • Oris Classic Date - With a 28-millimeter case, this elegant watch features delicate Roman numerals on the dial.
Oris watches vs. Tissot watches
Oris ProDiver Chronograph Oris Aquis Date 01 733 7732 4155-07 8 21 Oris Clean Ocean Limited Edition 01 733 7732 4185 Tissot Seastar T120.407.11.041.00
Case size 51 mm 39 mm 38.5 mm 43 mm
Case material Titanium Stainless-steel Stainless-steel Stainless-steel
Depth rating 1,000 meters 300 meters 300 meters 300 meters
Notable feature Additional rubber strap Automatic winding date Medallion made of recycled PET plastics Transparent case back
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