OSKA offers women’s clothes with emphasis on unique design and comfort. The company is known for its quality and fashionable designs as well as a wide variety of clothes that all come with beautiful workmanship. This guide will help you shop for some of the clothes offered by OSKA.

What types of textiles are used in the making of OSKA clothing?

OSKA clothing is made from a variety of textiles, including cotton, elastane (used primarily to add structure to certain areas of the garment), viscose, polyester, and pure linen. OSKA also blends modal and cupro fabric fibers together in some of the pants. Some examples are listed here:

  • Modal: A semi-synthetic fiber classified as a rayon. Modal is generally considered to be breathable, soft, stretchy, and shrink-resistant, and it is often used in activewear.
  • Cupro: Also a rayon, but originating from cotton plants and processed to be smoother and silkier than standard cotton. Cupro is often used for lining garments such as pants and dresses.
What clothing options are there from OSKA?

Clothing from OSKA gives you options for just about every type of casual or dressy item you might need. This clothing is designed to be suitable for all seasons as they can work on their own or as layers. Some of your clothing options from OSKA are listed here:

  • Trousers: There are linen trousers for casual or office wear in several colors, including white, black, and light blue.
  • Coats and jackets: Many are made in virgin wool, and they often come down to the thigh or to mid calf.
  • Dresses: Dress designs are designed to work on their own and be easy to layer on top off when it gets colder.
What types of OSKA tops are there?

Light jackets, long-sleeve T-shirts, cardigans, and linen tops are some of the options from OSKA tops. The following are examples of styles made by OSKA:

  • A think brick red long-sleeve, scoop neck top made out of viscose.
  • A mint green waterfall style light over over-shirt top made out of a combination of modal, tencel, and polyamide.
  • A salmon button down front long sleeve knit T-shirt made from cotton.
  • A light gray jersy made from a cotton and hemp combination.
  • A wrap up asymmetric cardigan in gray.
  • A black and white striped jacket blazer made from a cotton, polyester, silk blend.
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