O Scale Model Railroad Parts & Accessories

O Scale Model Railroad Parts & Accessories

Its more than a toy; its a passion. O scale and O gauge are terms commonly used in model railroading. The terms were originally introduced by Märklin, a German toy company around 1900. What is the difference between the two? Scale refers to the ratio of the model to the real life dimension while gauge relates to the track or more precisely, the distance between the inside edges of the load-bearing rails. O scale model railroad parts and accessories are double the size of HO scale parts. Once you start collecting a particular size of model trains, its best to stick with that measurement, so all your parts will work together.

Its All In the Details

Reproductions of real locomotives, cars, and cabooses allow users to display their favorite railroad locomotive and passenger cars. Add O scale model railroad decals to the dining, passenger, and freight cars to make them stand out from each other. Dont forget about the remote; your setup is only as good as the power that makes it go.

Box It Up

When you dont have a designated room or place to leave the track put together, you need to store your O scale model railroad parts and accessories. The best way to do this is to keep your O scale model railroad empty boxes. Everything has its place in the original packaging which makes it easier to find the parts when you bring it out to play.

All Aboard

Whos going to do the shopping at the General Store before boarding the train? The O scale model railroad figures and people of course. A train station is more than a place for passengers to hitch a ride, back in the day it was the hub for shopping, eating, and transportation. Add a few trees along the way and give the passengers something to look at while cruising along the rails.

Light the Way

Once you have your train set up, its time to add the O scale model railroad parts and accessories to give your display a realistic feel. O scale model railroad lamps and lights are a perfect place to start. Dont forget about the crossing signals; you need to keep everyone safe around the tracks.