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Nursery Lamps & Shades

While the ceiling light in the nursery or kids room may be perfect during the daytime, a small table lamp on the nightstand can softly illuminate a room for a soothing bedtime story or routine. A cute table lamp can also provide mellow overnight lighting for your baby and can be a fun piece of nursery room decor. With many different styles of lamps, bases, and shades available to choose from, both you and your child can find one to love in the day or at nighttime.

Do all lamps consist of a base and shade?

While many lamps feature the traditional elements of a lamp base and a shade, some designs are a single piece that utilizes an LED light. These table lamps will often project patterns and colors around the room and onto the ceiling for baby to look at. Typically made out of colored plastic to disguise white light, this type of lamp is designed to be used primarily as a nightlight.

What are some themes for lamps?

Nature scenes like a jungle or floral pattern are common motifs in table lamps for a baby or toddler. Animals are appealing to kids, and options like an elephant, giraffe, lamb, woodland creature, or butterfly are a few of the cute and lively lamp choices. Vintage table lamps are available and are often made with whimsical and interesting designs on the lamp base. For the elegant nursery, a formal lamp made from crystal can be a small chandelier.

What kinds of kids characters are commonly featured on lamps?

Designs drawn from nursery rhymes, classic childrens literature, and TV and movie favorites are all frequent table lamp subjects. Peter Rabbit, Snoopy and Disney characters are a few standard choices.

What colors are table lamps and shades available in?

Either a lamp base or shade should be available in almost any color to match the nursery or kids room. White is a unisex choice that typically coordinates well with various nursery themes and room decor. Other soft hues, like beige and lavender, are baby-friendly and can blend well with the room colors and nursery furniture.

What materials are the lamp bases and shades made from?

Lamp bases are commonly made of wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, or glass. Shades are usually made of thin fabric supported by a stabilizer.

What kind of lightbulbs do these lamps take?

Most table lamps will take a standard-sized white bulb, but always be sure to check the package for any specific recommendations. If the lamp is also used for a baby night light, be sure to choose a light bulb with a lower wattage for your nursery so that the baby can still get a good nights sleep.

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